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The Firts – Universal – Anti-fashion brand from Cuba ☀️

 ☀️ In 2016 I started the creation of the DADA86 anti-fashion brand in Cuba

       As an artist – the fashion concept seems to me absurd –  especially in Cuba, where to be in or even out of creative perspectives of fashion it is necessary to take one of the only two sides that exist in my country – or  against – or for.

In my case I dont care about respectives concepts – I am an artist and my creations are – apolitical.

I love Cuba, and for me – art is Universal. 

I am neither within the appearances of a fake counter-culture – I am dada ☀️

That is why all my ideas as a creator start from performative artworks and have their history – DADA86 History, so it is a pleasure to be able to share them with you today. 

The whole journey of my path of creation of DADA86 ☀️ – the First Universal  –  brand coming from Cuba and its exhibited around the world for 6 years in total freedom – will be shared on this page ☀️

☀️DADA86 is not a fake imposture – is why I invite you here – inner the Sun is only One. 

                                                                                                                                         With love



Joana Golden hands

Dulce María

I am very happy to share the story of Dulce, a beautiful artist who collaborated with dada86. – In her hands a little piece of Havana and beauty – dresses, love, flowers ! 


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