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~ simple like that ⚡

☀️ in Jean Luc Godard film – making my own film with my camera Sean.

It was the first and only time Fabrice projected the film for me to see in the small hall in Lausanne. I didn’t know the editing, and I saw the film through the light. I didn’t know what the film was about, nothing was planned – it just happened and as you all know I like to film reality.

A kiss to Velazques on this idea. It was magical – just standing in front of one piece of art and creating another in real time, not knowing at all and feeling – seeing the invisible.

The most beautiful thing in art always – just happens. A film within a film.


All images of right – reserved to Jean Luc Godard and to humanity – my camera Sean as a gift.

I realise that it is very popular to sell things with the films, and I take this occasion to remind you that the prints of this marvellous and signed book are only 1500.
To all the directors, and film lovers get active and see beauty.
I invite you to buy Godard’s wonderful book and to continue to invest in his films – which are a golden legacy for our generation.

Everyone love this book.
~ simple like that ⚡

copy the link here – merci


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