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Paseo y 23 🌼

I love Vedado ~ where I used to live in Havana ~ for me it is the most wonderful neighbourhood with beautiful views of the sea.
I would always leave my flat on Paseo y 5 and walk up to 23, a beautiful avenue with cars of all colours.
The trees on Paseo Avenue are all leafy and you can still breathe in the sea breeze ~ walking along this avenue is a great way to get to know very colourful places, like my favourite stall, that of a lady selling flowers.🌼🌸
She always sat in the doorway of a colonial house with sunflowers, lilies and flowers of all kinds.
I usually left the house very early in the morning and always bought something from her.
I love flowers and I like this photo very much ~
No doubt the colourful Vedado will always be one of my favourite neighbourhoods.🌱


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