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It’s simple – Tick Tuc 🤗 Before you beep beep with your car 👋 Empathy

It’s simple – Tick Tuc – Before you beep beep with your car

It’s wonderful to adopt animals, because you can learn empathy from them and that elevates the soul, and it’s beautiful – it’s simple.

Besides, you can always take in a good animal and give it a home, food and stability.

Since ancient times, many kings and queens had animals in the royal court, nowadays everything is very easy and by making a budget to get an animal, one can enjoy the company of a small creature that will always be happy to be in good hands.🤗

It is necessary to know this⚡~ an animal Is Not A Toy and not a pretext to be filled with empathy for the animal and to be serene to the world. On the contrary !
An animal companion teaches you all the love you give to it – you can give to a human being 🤗, it teaches you ~ it gives you love even if you are a human being – an animal that knows how to think bigger and with knowledge of language.
A being can communicate, and if you are hungry – you say it and you solve it – the same with the roof.

Now as the little animals don’t know how to speak English, French or Spanish – it is up to us to help them. NOW⚡

You can make very simple gestures, and share information, helping animal shelters. Everyone has an unused quilt and can donate it, just as everyone has a little finger to click on the internet and share useful information.
It is very simple.

For example, when it’s cold, many kittens go into the bonnets of cars to hide from the cold, or the rain – so giving a few knocks before starting the car is very useful.

It’s simple, and takes no time at all.
Tick Tuc –

Just like that, you can save the life of a small creature, and who knows, you might even win a good friend with that simple gesture!

The most beautiful, most valuable treasures are hidden – only for you to find them – by opening your heart. Sometimes they are hidden in your car !


I am enclosing beautiful associations in the world of volunteers, which do just that.

while I walk with my beautiful kitten Venezia, adopted last year.
She is a beautiful cat !


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