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Film Alert ⚡ – One plane

Direct – ⚡

For my long metrage film – I am going to film a single sequence shot of 2 hours without interruption – the sequence shot in the Sea.

This post is for – open artists interested in being part of the beautiful prism – I invite you to appear before my eyes – as this message appeared before yours.

I warn – the profits of my film – will go entirely to saving dolphins in distressed areas.

Characteristics of the main character – a man – between 26 and 39 years old with a minimum knowledge of the sea and boats.

To know how to swim and to open and be open experience of a single plan – in a film realised by me – treasure for the humanity.

The shooting of the film will take place in Naxos – Greece.

I leave in link my works – and my cinematographic movement River. ☝🌹

As simple as that – I will not put the script of my plan online and will only share it with professionals 🌹artists interested in creating beauty with me. 👁‍🗨


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