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«Noli foras ire, in te ipsum redi. In interiore homine habitat veritas » off line categories or labels here ☝🌈

Without categories or labels – my magazine expands with a dice roll of my generation 86 so wonderful and beautiful.🤗

As a universal artist, my vision is composed of various intellectual branches – which are simply out of cataloguing – they are love.
And love rises above all ☝ – giving a space to artistic and intellectual reflections that bring together diverse discourses and ideas – that’s great.

We live in a world of labels and in my view universal artists are outside of these labelsbecause they create in function of their higher self – that is why with my articles I illuminate various reflections on art and the evolution of art.

And not only art – there are also caramelised coquitos and other interesting intellectual branches.

Of course I adore coquitos,🌺 which are a precious memory of my childhood – just as I like Seneca and St. Augustine as an intellectual, I wonder what they would have written if they had tasted those delicious coquitos? Hi hi.🤗

That’s the point, an intellectual can be passionate about desserts, creating clothes, and still be an elevated being who reads philosophical works of art.

That is why it is absurd to create catalogues and categories – which limit the higher vision of a being.
To be open to a full exploration of diverse cultures, artistic views and tastes – is beautiful and nourishes the work of art with angles that over time take on their own brilliance – just like a diamond.

Now, as a universal artist in my articles I write as I see the world, to those who like it well and to those who don’t, too. I am not in search of a literary genre, nor of a blogging position.
I simply write in a direct way what my eye captures of the beauty that surrounds me.🤗

I only see beauty💎
It’s simple , is why in my space you can find art and beauty – from reflections of St. Augustine to recipes for caramel coquitos.🌺

What would a universal artist be without his famous sentence –

«Noli foras ire, in te ipsum redi. In interiore homine habitat veritas»

Which is accompanied with a delicious Irish coffee -🤗
my next exploration to come – Ireland, and I will be travelling on the 17th of March.

My birthday – Yea, I travel in the train into myself – all the other trains are already full!
To which I invite you all in the next article.
Take some green clothes, to celebrate 🍀


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