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The double rainbow and I☀

Camagüey 🤗

I was born in a marvellous city, composed of a labyrinthine architecture and treasure of Unesco.
I am very proud to have been born in such a beautiful place.

A little history dice roll,

The reason for this singular labyrinthine orientation of the streets of Camagüey was a precaution taken by the founders of the city in the distant 16th century, against the attack of pirates and corsairs, creating labyrinths of streets to deceive and ambush the filibusters, preventing them from passing through.

Now, living in such a city is wonderful – cause every street has a different system of logic, and every time you go in a different direction you always discover something new and beautiful. 🌺
In the end you end up learning all the little corners by memory, so that you don’t get lost in the colonial beauty.

The street where I was born is called Padre Olayo – which belongs to the historical centre of the city, but everybody calls it poor street – that’s where I come from.✨
My family bought a space in a colonial house some time ago, which was used to keep horses, and transformed it into a house.
My childhood home is beautiful, it has high ceilings and Greek columns that support the living room.

When I was a little girl I remember feeling a great sense of spaciousness looking at those high ceilings.

I remember perfectly the tiles in my house, and little bare feet running on them – and my grandmother shouting – Put on your sandals!
Don’t go barefoot!

I was always running barefoot! Then I grew up a bit and I kept running barefoot, not because I didn’t have shoes, but because all the children in the neighbourhood used to go up to Ignacio Agramonte square in the rain, and we used to slip on the marble slabs in the rain. It was incredible.

The truth is that I always escaped from the house to do that great activity. 🤗
One day it was thundering and there was tremendous flooding in the city, I fell asleep in my grandmother’s room, because I was tired and had just come from the art academy – I just wanted to sleep, and I woke up to a thunderclap and the smell of the rain.
And I said to my grandmother: Why didn’t you wake me up! Look how beautiful, we have to film, I’m going to get my camera and go out.

Horrified,😲 my grandmother started to read my morals and worried, she said that it was a flood and that the electricity cables could electrocute me, with my camera and all, and that I shouldn’t leave the house.

Luckily my camera had a battery, and a cassette tape – it was a Sonny that I had bought for a fortune at the time, and of course I went out to film beauty. – My grandmother went to the kitchen to take pills for high blood pressure, and I went to look out home for meet my friend Luis Arturo, and do a film !

Beautiful day, if in my childhood we slipped in puddles of water, here the kids swam in the streets full of water. 🌊
I filmed it all, and I lived it too – incredible !

I’m sure Aristotle is envious of me for that day.
Fortunately, the flooding did not cause much damage – as the weather forecast was timely, the alert inhabitants of the city had time to put the electrical equipment, such as TV, radio and all those things on the windows, or to store them in the neighbours’ houses.
In the following days, with the strong sunshine, all the humidity began to disappear, and in a couple of days the city was back to normally.
Several cracks remained in some of the houses, – they still tell the story – The day of the Big flood !

Today every time I see my friend, and we remember that day by watching our film, it is as if that fragment of the day is preserved in our memory ✨- and then of course it can be shared with the rest of the world.

So, wonderful works of art I create in my city, and I love every street, every tree in that labyrinth – for me it holds stories of my childhood, of my friends, my family and all that is part of my home – all that I keep in my heart – while my grandmother takes pills for high blood pressure – hi hi.
Just joking, I love my granny, like all grandmothers she always takes care of her grandchildren, and that’s beautiful.✨🤗

Breaking Sky News !

A few days ago in my city a double rainbow was born and I am inspired and very happy about it, it is beautiful to see how flashes of colour and love spread in places that gave so much beauty.

Finally after the great flood with Chronos in the middle a double rainbow is born in my city and over the world !

Love with !


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