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my books everywhere -window of knowledge 🌺

The idea of making the walls of my Library with books and movable shelves came to me in Montreal – while I was arranging my books in the window.🤔

I remember that day very well and it was beautiful, in fact my suitcases always had more books than clothes, so when I took them out of the suitcase I had no shelves to put them on, I only had those beautiful windows and I put them right there.
It was great because at sunrise and sunset I always read beautifully in the natural light.🌺

I thought it was great for my architecture, so I designed the plans for the Library based on that day.

My musician friends, who always spotted my house by the books in the windows, told me that I had to put them on the other side to see the titles – but I never listened to them – maybe they were right.

I’ll think about which side they have to be on in my Library.


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