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My home – words come in and words go out 🌺

While decorating my flat, I realised that I needed something at the entrance that was different and beautiful, – it was not difficult to find the object – because I love books – that’s how I got my hands on a huge old French-English dictionary. 🤗🍒
I put it in the door, and made it a habit that every day I went in and out of the house I would learn a new word at random – and so it was.

Within a week I had discovered many interesting words, and it became beautiful to go in and out with new words to guide me.
Then when my friends came over they did the same, they left with words, and came in with words.

As the dictionary was big, it was possible to spend the whole day learning, and to be surprised at how many beautiful words there are.

It’s a wonderful idea, and I recommend it to everyone who is learning languages, because it’s a fun way to learn.🌺


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