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I Love NY⚡

I love NY.

That’s what all the t-shirts say, in my case it’s true NY is one of my favourite cities, because everything flows at the speed of light, I love that speed.

My first day in NY was wonderful, I lived there for almost 3 months and it was great, in NY I fell in love with an Irish artist and I lived an exciting story of love and art.

What I liked most about the city is that the people are open, direct and active – it was wonderful to walk around NY.

Definitely living between NY – Havana and Tuscany – is a wish that I will make come true, because those 3 spaces have a wonderful energy.🍒⚡

Just like that, I love NY – the fastest and most active city I’ve ever known, and when it comes to speed I’m there! NY is just great.

I will write more about this city and its beautiful libraries,


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