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I choose – Eros – I choose MySelf

To decide – is to choose – I choose.

Contemplating the non-divine comedy from the highest balcony – I decided to go out on the roof of My Kingdom to see the stars, what a miracle.
To be able to see the sky, even more wonderful to share that moment, that’s where Eros embraced me.
Pisquis joined Eros in a flash of Zeus’ lightning.
The same day, I had to go out and move, the same day I had to take pictures of my illustrated manuscript in progress – it all happened on the same day. Today.
I was very happy about my achievements in drawing, and in the evolution of the script of my film – I draw and by drawing I see the scenes, that’s how in my work the pencil and the camera come together.
In the full Glory of my Creation, I ended up buying lollipops to celebrate in the luxury super market – a place with levels full of people shopping, as I am already happy and this is my last life, no object attracted my attention, neither the dresses, nor the bags, nothing – everything seems to be so repetitive, –
I thought ok, and if I bought everything now, I would be happier ?
I am definitely on Top – I kept thinking and said – ok – I patent my camera – I have millions – I have millions for my Art –
I am happier than I am now ?
money and objects are just an extension to do good and to leave beauty, but not a reason to be – I’m happier than I am now ?
what is the reason for being, if not Love ?
I kept thinking about it while I was chewing the candy stick, the saleswomen were proposing me things on their stands, but all that didn’t interest me – I would take them to the roof of my roof, I would show them that all that is scenography – but I don’t have time to explain myself to anybody.
Even those big houses of millions are scenographies if there is no love in them, even prizes and money are scenographies if there is no love and intention to leave beauty and help others.
How boring, how repetitive, – I realised this supermarket is the carousel of life, the scenography of time – in each fragment and level you learn and you leave a little piece of time – which is gold.
For glory they even step on people’s toes, they betray each other, they lie – ou la la – better to close your eyes from the balcony and not see this.
But in all that madness there is something worth being for – love – love for oneSelf first and then union with the other.
Union of soul and body – how divine is.
Sex of course, but not the sex of the primitive – sex in its highest sense – pure Glory.
And is there really anything else besides art and love that can be done here? 🤔
Well, that’s enough, it’s Olympo and what else?
Maybe it is enough – it contains the whole universe – and for that we rise to embrace the universe in an embrace, in a kiss.

Simply, and affirmatively – I don’t care about the rest – maybe it’s selfish – so what?
Nobody has sacrificed as much as I have to help blind people, I don’t care about anybody’s opinion – I love the world, and I wish you all beauty and splendour, God willing.
But it is true that one reaches a point of no return in elevation, and that is pure love – and from that point it is impossible to move.
Only those who reach it know it, it is sublime –
for all the goals of life are attainable, now love – that is more than a goal, it is more than a house, or a career – it is the essence of oneSelf.
So by choosing Eros in me – I chose mySelf –
And so I celebrate the beautiful union the Psyche comes to Eros, in an elevated way by choice of the soul, and not by an animal instinct.
So we can always choose. I choose 💛

I don’t care what anyone says and does, I am in My Kingdom 🌺☝, and in dont care land. com – everything is beauty.
Yes to Eros and fuck the rest is MY answer.
Love is the answer.

Im love.


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