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the conclusions are necessary and show a high degree of mastery and responsibility for the present and the future.
concluding not only frees the one who brings the conclusion to a close, but also clears the way for the one who receives the conclusion is a gesture of honour.

Whether unfinished business, professional or personal, it is a gesture of respect concluding.

If one does not conclude within silence, there isa open room for everything from the positive to the negative – there are situations where keeping silent and not concluding only brings confusion and out of respect for one’s own time as well as that of the other – the best thing to do is to conclude.

Existential reasons of Supreme consciousness and the gesture of offert a conclusion :

To conclude in order to enter into living fully in the present.
To conclude in order to move into the future
To conclude in order to free the other and to free oneself from a past situation.

When one reaches a level of understanding of time as a motor and existential factor of beingto conclude is Glorious.
By concluding one closes a door definitively, this does not mean that the situation, or person in question is held with resentment, or is not regarded as a neighbour – simply that neither that person, nor that situation is part of the future.
As long as there are open doors and unfinished situations – time regenerates an energy that only impacts on the person unaware of this quantum factor.

Learn from the respect of time and conclude:

With good intentions and behind my back a book was being created, in parallel time against my will, and a gesture of a being who decided to do good by creating such a book.
It happens the person in question through silence annulled everything I was living, including the call to a great artist, and a concrete answer to help the blind in time of pandemic.

The mentioned book was built through time, and what was the point if it did not respond to the respect of my creative time – my life time – that book was not for me, because I was screaming sos –
In the end, a book matters more than the life of a being who ask for help?

So I cannot deal with the fate of the book, but the only thing is not returned in this situation is the time and therefore the understanding and respect of a day of life – it takes to conclude, to communicate and to open doors, or to close a door, to conclude and to put a full stop – it is Glorious.

I guess only those who are in their last life reach that point of awareness –
If I don’t want to be lied to – I don’t lie.
If I don’t want my children to pick up dirt from unconscious people – I try to leave the best legacy for them.

You get to a point where you see everything from the highest balcony, and you leave to others what you wish your children could see, beauty, trees, clean ocean, peace, love – this is not maternal character, – it is awareness that the life of a being is a grain of sand in space-time, 30 years is absolutely nothing in the scale of human history – millennia.
Now – to spend the little that is no longer nothing on unfinished nonsense is the height of stupidity – of which I do not wish to know.
Every day of my life is gold – I am direct and I conclude.

I invite everyone to conclude all your stages and levels by communicating and freeing your existence from time stones.


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