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Féminin ☀ Masculin

The union of the masculine and feminine is a glorious level – it happens when all the doors of the past are closed – absolutely all of them.
Once the conclusions in all latitutes are manifested and anchored in the consciousness – one can step into a new dimension – Union of the Masculine and Feminine.

What exactly is this union and how does it happen?
It has nothing to do with sexuality, but with the energy of the soul – there are souls with very masculine energy and feminine sex and vice versa. To get to this stage it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of oneself – and to be in the JESUIS.
only from there does the union clearly happen.

The union happens in the Supreme consciousness and then on the material planeaccepting one’s masculine or feminine side – one accepts the other as part of oneself.
This is reminiscent of Plato’s famous myth, where the human being rolls around in the world with two heads, and from a certain time is sought through love.
We also see this idea in the union of yin and yang – opposite poles – night and day – feminine – masculine – sun – moon –
There are men who by their energy have a completely feminine soul, which does not mean that they are homosexuals – they simply have more in themselves than they seek – their reflection.
The same for women, many are more sun than moon.
Knowing what energy one has is therefore essential, knowing oneself is essential – for only by coming to yourself and your pure essence will your double embrace you.

Accepting oneself – one accepts the other, knows that the other will not judge you for being more masculine or feminine, – for it is the perfect balance.

It’s simple you come to yourself and your double embraces you.


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