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Let It Be 💛⛳

My article is dedicated to for all those who are in the pilate of Mastery of love

you change the pattern – you change the action – another energy happens

Sometimes you go around the world, getting the same results – simply because you have the same pattern.
How is this reflected in love and relationships?

If you like to talk, you attract people who are more silent and more listening, it is energy – one always attracts part of its opposite. In exemple – if you get tired of talking, you would attract a person who talks a lot and between you there would only be noise and no music.

But it is a little bit different if you are in Nirvana, because when you integrate the opposite in you, you only attract – a person who is simply in connection with your soul.
The love of your life.

How to achieve balance then ? – very simple.
Relax and change the pattern – stay Open, go to the root of the thought, and conclude, why do I talk so much ? why am I always in contemplation ? whatever the example is, of vector behavior – it has a reason for being and that is the one that is important to understand.
By understanding that reason, one is magically with the right person.

As for me, I love to talk about art, philosophical ideas, music, or simply about life – it’s a wonderful part of my being that I love, especially because language and its expression fascinates me, being a very empathic person I like to communicate and share ideas – I love to be able to communicate and express mySelf.

I am, and I am pleased with that part of my being, then I connect best with people who are in my spiritual balance.

As we are energy and vibrational frequency, everything is very simple.

Love just happens, it is an important pillar in the Mastery and management of one’s life.
Simplement Let It Be

I hope my article can help many Masters and Mistresses in their essential pilate, at the same time one can work on other pilates, but to my point of reflection – after one is in the supreme being of JESUIS, the pilate of love becomes an evidence in itSelf.

I wish you all Glory and Triump.


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