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Nirvana 🌺

How the world looks from Nirvana 🌺

Things that happen before reaching this state – surrender – it seems paradoxical but only by laughing before the Supreme being one accepts it – one has to burn to the end, to let go of everything – absolutely everything.
In this state of stillness in front of a white wall the essential remains.

To Be in Nirvana – it is wonderful – there is nothing more to add, – it is expansion of the soul, wisdom and love.

Above all there is an anchored and absolute consciousness, that one is here to leave something greater than the small self, to be fully blissful and to help others.

In art, it is Glorious – it is a stage of absolute enlightenment that awakens a new state of consciousness.

In love, it is spiritual fullness – one sees the soul of the being, not its face or its occupation, the soul becomes transparent because it is seen from a transparent prism without artifice or masks.


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