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the portrait and the diamond

A wonderful portrait was born yesterday from my hands – Glory.
Technically I managed to bring the idea Velazques to my canvas.

I am very happy, because wherever I move in the studio from its fixed point, the eyes of the person I portrayed are looking at me. In other words, I have created a 2d space work with a simple pencil and paper.
My portrait has a soul, it is incarnated and alive.
It is the reversible version of Oscar Wild’s portrait, this one is good and full of depth, it has wisdom – it is my reflection.
I captured the soul – I am proud of my creation.

Looking at my portrait I realize that in the world there are many technically well done portraits, but few that capture the soul – few that go through the canvas and reach the heart – my portrait is one of those few, it is unique.

The beauty of this creation is that it is part of my film about Music and my illustrated manuscript.

I am in Glory and celebrating, because to achieve the technique of gaze movement in space, without oil painting like Velazques – is a very lofty task.

My portrait contemplates the world, expresses itself and says a lot within the Silence – it is incredible.

On this basis of artistic Victory I can only think of the shooting of my film, my family and all the people who love me and I love, because what concerns my expression and the mastery of it – I am in Paradise, My temple, My Kingdom – of which I am the diamond that reflects. – Love.


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