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in higher levels of love the perspective is different – bliss 🌺

What kind of man one falls in love with at higher levels.

At higher levels of consciousness the other is not a reflection of you – is your double – that’s why this kind of love perspective is different.

One falls in love with a man who is kind, gentle, tender and with whom one can share ideas, and have relationships on a level of trust and understanding, respect.
A man with whom you can enjoy life, laugh and have good times.
And even if there are turbulences of reality, there is an awareness that this does not affect love.

An artist, most of the time decides to be with another artist, – there is a mutual knowledge of the art world, and one must create and have an emotional stability in the relationship.

Physically, there are no rules, one falls in love with the soul and the conscious being, with spiritual generosity, humility, gratitude, sincere.

In the state of bliss, one chooses peace, a man who is able to look in the same direction together in respect.

Trust is a topic that is not in question at higher levels, where there is neither jealousy nor lack of trust – one comes to the understanding and mastery of the levels and chooses to be with a person who respects time and is a creator.

When you know your worth, you know who you are, you choose a man with a noble heart.💛


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