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life is a Masterpiece


It sounds tremendous, but it is very easy if you look at it from the right angle and the angle is the essential.💎

First you have to come to yourSelf and know exactly who You are, that can take several years, sometimes several lifetimes.
Now if you are at the point that you have reached your Supreme being and the essence of Your being – everything is very easy.👌
Being a woman and a Creatress with clear values and conscious of my being – I know what kind of man I want to share my beauty with.
A man with honor 🌹 who makes me feel like a woman, and not the super hero that I already am – that is what is called in Chinese philosophy the yin and yang in balance, or in the myth of Plato – a being with two heads – that is the union of two opposite poles – like night and day.

Your life is a Masterpiece – chisel your stone and forget the rest – if you’ve reached the Diamond – here are some ways to keep it shining.

Interesting fact as it is love and the perspective of Women who are on a Supreme level of being :

  • spiritual fulfillment
  • respect
  • trust
  • fullness in the relationship
  • absence of jealousy (and other nonsense feelings from the underworld.)
  • understanding of the other as one’s totality and an being independent at the same time.

True, the vast majority of people vibrate on opposite parameters, – that’s why you should not be disappointed or compare yourself with absolutely no one.
If you decided to live the love of your life, and create your family in a certain configuration and on a certain basis of honor – among millions of people on the planet – there is one who is exactly in tune with your vibration, so do not worrytake care of only you.

How to take care of this inner growth and what it generates in reality? 🌺

  1. Be honest with yourSelf.
  2. Transparent.
  3. Be selfish – in a good way – think of yourSelf and from your inner Kingdom – that’s where it all comes from.
  4. If you are a Creatress and artist like me – amplify your creative skills, learn new techniques, read and dedicate yourself to your inner self.
  5. Don’t fall in love with a specific person – just Be Love – and whoever it manifests itself as, simply open your heart to love, to give and be loved.
  6. Don’t entertain relationships with people who are in couples, married or don’t know what they want – that is bad karma and a waste of energy, time and values.
  7. If you know who you are, you know who deserves you, and what values that person has – it’s as simple as knowing where things come from.
  8. If you are in your Supreme Self you have surely cleared all your wounds, and past situations, childhood and ancestral traumas – you are free of all those chains – then you can see the world from your free self – first explore the level where you are and from there choose.
    The advantage of being in higher levels of consciousness is that you can always choose, don’t settle for something that may be a reflection of the past – meditate, focus and think and that is really what you want.
  9. Meditate every day for at least 30 minutes in front of a blank wall.
  10. Read, there are millions of beauties to be discovered.

Love of life – what is it? 💋

It is a person with whom you can walk through life with your bag open and something of great value in it, without fear of it being stolen.
You are with a sublime being who is a reflection of the level, and both are vibrating in the Mastery of your lives.

To build a family on higher levels of consciousness – is Splendour.

The other person must have their creation, their art and their stones to carve, you have yours – time flows in the best to grow together, there are no limitations of time or work schedules.
I am very selfish with my artistic creation, simply because it comes from my higher self and I always share and share my time with people who understand this.
I love people who are busy with their art – because that’s who I am – and all my Creations are a reflection of my time invested in them.
An artist is an artist 24 hours a day, always creating, painting, filming and expressing the beauty of the world.
To live with an artist is to be always connected to the Supreme being, who adapts, expresses himself and loves life as if it were his only masterpiece.
We only have one life and this is it, this is how it is for me.
One shares who he is and accepts to let another creator into his divine realm – in the union new dimensions emerge and that’s great.
Before existing in We 🌹🌹 – there has to be a total awareness and anchoring to the I.☀🏁

There are two types of beings, those who put the roof on the house without the seeds and hold it up with their hands – a bit like Atlas – and those who quietly work on the foundations of their house, so that it is solid and does not collapse, also so that one does not have to deal with useless situations, involving the lives of innocent creatures, – one’s children.
So all the work that you did on yourself before you brought children into the world, will bear fruit – for your children will be born free of bondage and that is consciousness and love.
As a woman I decided to invest my time of inner exploration in a legacy for my children, this legacy translates into a glorious initiatic path guide – I am very proud of its existence, for I want my children to know what it is to have high values and how to define them – how to cut the diamond with strength and nobility.

My work at River Film Mouvement as a Creatress, is wonderful – and with three films in production this year – I am very privileged to share these masterpieces with the world.

How to manage time in these three Master areas of life? 🥰👌🌺

Very easy – if you have worked well on your foundations, you have plenty of time to sip margaritas on the beach and enjoy your art, family, and help your sisters and brothers – leaving humanity bridges of beauty, respect and virtue – art and love.


This article is a fragments of the next volume II – Cherrys 🍒🌺 – my magazine of Art and Life.

You can have access to the first volume in one clic.


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