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I☀ am a feminist, I love men with honor🌹

I ☀ am a feminist, I love men with honor🌹

In our society today feminism has to be confused – as well as its foundations.
The basis of today’s feminism is the lack of respect for women and the equal treatment of women in working life circles.
Understanding the basis of a stance towards the world is essential, many women become feminists because of the treatment they have had with unconscious pieces of men.
In that case what happens is that by living unfair experiences with this type of incapable men – women put that filter to the rest of the men – and it is not good.
Not all men are pieces of shit, and not because one has behaved badly – you are going to deny the virtues of wonderful men.
Men with honor respect women, and value their virtues – they are splendid beings.
Men are great.
That is why it is important to understand the basis of all feminist concepts.

If you are a feminist, because you have only found foolish men in your life, I am sorry to tell you that you are on the wrong path, because you are giving a lot of power to a being that is incapable of understanding the value of your body, soul, intelligence.
And to give power to such men is to give them the reins of your destiny, which is glorious if you open yourself to men of honor. Only You are in control of Your destiny.

Now, out of the idea of being a woman or a man, we are energy – and sometimes there are women with a lot of yang, masculine energy, and men with ying energy.
The soul chooses the body, to manifest an experience that it needs to live on the earthly, physical plane.
If you are a woman, congratulations, you are blessed to walk through the world with so much power and beauty.
As far as feminism is concerned, I think it is important to always remember the filter through which you observe reality, knowing that sometimes there are women who behave very badly and worse than men, – solidarity has neither sex, nor nationality, nor religion – it has a heart and there is your strength – in your heart.

Men of honor know you illuminated with beauty the world !
Such men do not make of you a prototype of their whim – that is only done by little men who are incapable of conquering a beautiful, strong and conscientious woman You are.

Men of honor have so much respect that they will not hurt you even with the petal of a rose.

It is important to have lived work and personal experiences with men of honor, to understand this, and to know that it is not a matter of denying men – but of accepting their presence in our lives. It is about communication and union between two poles.
Such communication is only based on respect for the virtues of both women and men.
The world is beautiful and you as a woman are part of this world.

In my personal experience, I am happy to have met many men of honor – they respect women so much that you just want to spend time with them sharing creations, friendship, love. It would be very cruel to close the door on them, because of unfair experiences.

From thought to practice :

👌 How not to project your experiences with unconscious people onto other men of honour – it’s very easy.🥰

Position yourself at the level of a spectator of your own life and identify who behaved inappropriately.
⚡ If you have contact with that person, tell him absolutely everything you disagree with. Your deal is to resolve the one-sided situation and not to generalise that everyone is like that. The mini men who are carbon, will remain carbon on their level – your task is not with those men, there will be other people on that level to deal with it.
Your only path is You.
⚡Cut as many bridges as you can, absolutely all of them.
⚡Remember, you are love, strength and beauty – and that is how the world sees you from the inside out.

Being a feminist within femininity is powerful, as only men of honour come to your inner temple – and that is what it is all about – building your reality from the inner temple.

All the unconscious outside, absolutely all of them

A woman’s life is sublime, you are the temple and you are the house, in your body life is born, and life is the continuation of sublime love with another being like you.
It is so great, that you automatically discard from your circle all men who have not understood this, whether they are friends or work relationships.
Every day of your life is gold, every minute, every breath, – choose men who make you feel like the divine woman you are.

Such a feminism is pure Glory, choose Loveit is what You are, don’t let any idiot dirty the Crystal with which you see the world, – which is full of beauty and kind men.

is only one direction – love ☝


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