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lifting in home 🏁🍀🌺☀✨

Permanent awareness that every moment of life is a blessing.🌺🍀

Absolutely nothing is more important than the Self and its expansion.

It is as if the soul lives centuries repeating role-playing games, and in this life it is out of the psychological circus.
The last reincarnation can be compared to a spectator who walks quietly and eats ice cream while looking at the Sun, while the human comedy continues its course.
You enjoy every moment, for you know that you will not return to this beautiful place of perpetual evolution.
In this configuration you are focused on the present moment, and in what you are going to leave to all your loved ones, the greatest desire is to give, and as a consequence you receive what centuries ago belonged to you in fragments.

Each soul experiences it in its own way, some wish to have a family, others do not – it is an independent and unique experience that has to do with what has been experienced in past lives.

The most beautiful sensation that manifests itself is – To Be – 🥰💎
The only thing that can be boring is to watch the comedy repeat itself, but if you are centered in your being, you can only laugh at that.

Love at that level – sublime, definitely the soul finds the love of all its past lives, it is a love without obstacles, without problems – a space where everything flows, because you know that soul from several lives –
you only wish to this soul happiness and the same spiritual expansion.☝

Past experiences – You cut the bridges with souls from the past, that cycle is over, you say goodbye to them and they disappear from your vibrational field.
Everything they did to you in this lifetime, they will have other lifetimes to consume their karma, but you know that this one is yours, and it is the last one.🏁

Jealousy and all psychological attachments of affection disappear, – you get rid of all that, it’s just nonsense compared to the great path of light that opens up before you, compared to the vast universe.
Transparency is an evidence – transparency with oneself.
From the creative point of view, it is like being permanently connected to a Source of high voltage and not letting go – having the thunder of knowledge and wisdom in your hand.

What communication is like at that level – it is sublime.
And the people who you may at first think are ignoring you, are not ignoring you, they are simply in another vibrational level code and don’t know how to respond to your transparency and vibration, because by not using the language of psychological artifice – you break their codes and no one likes to have their bubble burst.
So it’s not a question of being ignored or rejected, it’s simply vibration.
Once you understand that, everything is ok – you continue your sublime life and exchange experiences with people of the same vibrational level.

To live your last life, it is impressive and unique, because what for some is glory, for you it was perhaps in past lives, you want to live unique things, details that you missed from other lives, you resolve everything that linked you to other souls, it is an extremely unique path – it is beautiful.

You have nothing to prove or prove to anyone, just leave beauty to the world – expanding your art, and giving time to your family and all your loved ones.

– theme that corresponds to this last life level – Oh, tell me something I don’t already know 🤔


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