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Faith is a Virtue 🍇

Faith is a virtue of strong and very elevated people of the material world – it is the certainty to see, feel, and receive the invisible within the material world – to bring to matter an idea – it is a gesture of Faith, since all ideas from the greatest were born from the invisible and the imagination of the human beings.

To have faith is to have strength and creative power,
Now Faith is manifested differently according to the level of consciousness one lives – that is why the phrase believe in yourself, for example – is total nonsense – for conscious beings who are already in the supreme Self.

To have unfailing faith in oneSelf is to be God and part of the consciousness of the universe, it is to be one – we are One, and if we are one nothing is against us, at that level enemies disappear, and one realizes that life is sublime, one enjoys every moment of life from the present moment.

To have Faith is sublime and simply becomes a habit.

Now how to live with Faith in a society where the individuals with difficulty reach their supreme self, and the great majority sleep in illusion?

Very easy 🥰, enjoying the present moment you are living and the great connection you have with your supreme consciousness, being in total bliss and helping everyone you can help on your way, – being in the last life makes this process much easier, you just live the world from your inner center.

I think that in the afterlife faith is amplified, simply because the soul knows and remembers what it is all about.

With this article I invite everyone to have faith in your being, life is a paradise and every day is a divine gift, to be – is sublime.🏁

If you can enjoy how a flower petal falls in your hand while the sun embraces you – you are definitely realizing an act of faith and admiration for the beauty that surrounds you – which is born in your vision for the inner world.

My feature film in production – SI – is a creation about Faith at the moment of the act of suicide, in a masterly and natural way in the course of the film from its dramatic writing, we can see the evolution of the characters.
I am very happy to have brought this idea to the world.

Being a masterpiece, my film is directed to all the centers in the world to help teenagers at the point between life and death, faith rise up in something bigger than ourselves – Love.



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