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choose a stable partner


art and life, friends, it is normal that each artist reflects in art part of life experiences, among them those of love.

today my theme is love and how to find a stable partner – very easy.
everything is so simple that it becomes uselessly complicated.
my healthy advice –

first – you have to learn to be alone and happy with yourSelf, only in this way the relationship has a healthy and beautiful base.

second – the other is not a patch, he – she – is a sublime being who is there to share the path of life in a stable, beautiful and happy way,

third – if the person who fits your parameters is slow to appear, do not be disappointed – destiny protects you from people who are not for you, and simply do not accept to be with someone because of lack of affection, or sexual desires, – this leads absolutely nowhere.

fourth – dedicate yourself to your personal growth of your higher self, identify at what level of consciousness you are and with whom you wish to share that happiness.

fifth – just fall in love with life, life is great and you deserve the best in the world, and be with a person who sees reality from his – her point of view so you converge like a mirror – just be yourSelf.

choose these points, and you will be completely happy regardless of what happens with your private life, the heart is the center of creation of every artist that’s why it is so important to have healthy, comprehensive, stable relationships based on beautiful values. Everything is very simple, it is about choosing love in its most sublime and transparent form.

for women – choose men with a golden heart, noble and gentle, a men who value your existence at all levels, who is present in your creations, life and with whom you can share sublime moments, and even play chess – splendor from the intimate joy, intellectual and spiritual point of view – and someone with whom you can laugh at this sometimes absurd world, good humor is a superior virtue.


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