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it is all very simple in Love 🏓

Love – born of an absolute awareness of love for oneSelf and for the person with whom one creates a couple -🍇
the only desire that rises in this level of consciousness is that everyone is well, a conscious being works in the foundations of the family and in oneSelf, – so that the children, innocent creatures, may transit in a better way through their path of life.

the decision to have a family is a very big step in life – which is born from first having a stable relationship with oneSelf, ha! yes, I divide this evolution in :

Love 🌴
Stable relationship with oneSelf, knowledge of oneSelf.

Love 🌴
In this stage, one can invite the other into one’s kingdom – and say – look how I am, I open the door of my heart to you with confidence and in glory.

Love 🌴
Stable relationship with the other, – firm within the knowledge of oneSelf, the relationship with the other is only a reflection of reciprocal kindness and beautiful values, spiritual, carnal and intellectual.
I compare this emotional stage as an airplane with two co-pilots, one has to know that the other is in the same dimension, and that together – only strengthen and amplify the values, the word together – is not to be glued – it is to be together in all dimensions and situations of life.
The plane is the same, even if the pilots have different points of view, the love and the awareness of being together is bigger than everything.
This way you can reach sublime heights, and enjoy life, that is what it is all about, interconnecting all the master areas of life and expanding them.

Love 🌴
In such an airplane, one can indulge in the conscious experience of bringing children into the world, and sustaining a family, based on love, respect, kindness and understanding – it is very simple when one becomes aware of the love for each other.

👀 How to react to society’s imperatives about ages, couples, homes, children – it is very simple.

Simple – in no way is that part of one’s kindom, – you get up in the morning with the person you love, and no one has any power there – everyone can live his own life.

👀 How is this reflected in the life of an artist, – in a higher vision of the Self, one sees other perspectives, learns to be with the loved one, to give and learn from the being who shares our life path, today and now.
that being loves you for what you are today, and not for what you will be tomorrow – it is all very simple.

I wish you all 🏓 to have a beautiful family, to have the feeling of being at Christmas every day, with your families – understanding , respect, and, – that when your children look at your past – you can only smile with pride in front of them.

Note 🍇

you don’t have to wait for you or the other to be at the absolute level to live a relationship as a couple – the levels are interconnected and one helps the other regardless of where he/she is.

Love happens, and it’s not going to ask – hello I’m on level 14, and you’re on which one? it’s ridiculous – just by opening your heart, you love the person wherever he/she is.

mega important -⚡ never build a relationship – partner, friendship, or whatever – with people who knew about your past, and whom you asked for support and they ignored your situation – such people are empty and operate in the world in a selfish way – so don’t include them in your present or future reality.

Connect to yourself, and you will see that you only have by your side people who value your time, your art, and every moment of your life’s journey here – everything is simple.


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