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Lo mejor eres Tú

Hello wonderful person,

If you are reading my post today is because the Universe made it possible, that does not mean that you have to repeat what I wrote, I invite you to reflect on it and enjoy your intellectual free will.

The best is you

– SI – SI – SI –

My post is redirected on the values of a woman and her relationship with men, in this case I chose to focus on women valeus and noble men, as they are the ones that surround my latitude. Now, what are those values ? 🤔

First of all, a woman is a sublime being and was born to be respected and loved.
If by any accident in your life as a sublime woman, you have met people and among them men who have not respected your Self – you were simply facing a distortion of reality, which can only be love and respect.
Reality is a mirror and it is great to meditate on it and to clean unwanted thoughts and reflections, especially not to let absolutely no one reflect low vibrations in you.

From theory to practice – how to fix this distortion in the mirror of reality? 👀

Very easy – by defining your values and your parameters of beauty – and at the same time expanding yourSelf into the light of your sublime Being. The values can be multiple and diverse, you can take your pen and paper and write down all that apply to you.


I choose to expose the X most important for me, but the importance of the values may vary depending on the degree of Mastery and learning of your life.

YourSelf ☀ I

do You know yourself, do you know who you are? – self-knowledge is one of the most important values in a woman.

From You ☀ your universe is born.

Knowing how all horizons unfold from within you is a precious value.

You are tenderness 🥰 II

You are tenderness, – a woman is femininity, and was not born to be Atlas.

Being the super boss of your life doesn’t mean you have to carry everything on your back.

Tenderness is a higher value, it is the ability to love your fellow beings from a higher sphere by giving the most beautiful part of yourSelf, to do that you have to be strong and altruistic – so if you are tender – congratulations –

Victories to you 🏆

You smile III

Your smile is a value of good health, it is the essence of your pure heart to the world, no matter how you dress, if your smile is sincere you have an essential value.

You are passionate IV

You are passionate in your profession – you know exactly what makes you joyous and you perform it with dignity and love.

You are sincere V

You are sincere – no matter what happens you are honest with yourself and express yourself with sincerity in the face of life.

Sincerity is like a glass of transparent water, and transparency in the face of life and those around us only makes the Self evolve.

You are generous VI

You like to share the best of yourSelf with your friends and loved ones and you are generous since you know everything is in you is limitless.

Your inner and outside beauty VII

You like to be well dressed no matter what.👋
Clothes are a reflection of our inner state, and it’s very good to take care of our presence.
Being alive is a gift, and your presence here is part of that gift you were given, you are in the world, – Welcome – you are an essential part of this world – reason enough to celebrate every day your stay here and dress accordingly to the gift you were given.
Yes, you are important every day and every moment, so being dressed accordingly is just your inner beauty interacting with the external world.
It doesn’t matter what brand your clothes are, as long as you are conscious that the most important is inside you and you were born to shine every day.

You chosse VIII

You choose Yes, you have the strength and wisdom to choose what is best for your life. To decide to choose within yourself what you desire and what is best for you – is a great value.
By choosing you are the captain of your destiny.
The value of being able to choose has nothing to do with knowing how to choose houses, trips or clothes – it is all born in your state of consciousness – choosing your thoughts – in the first place.
Whatever happens in your life, remember that you can always choose what is best for you.

You are kindness IX

You are kindness, and that can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have gone through hell and to the cavern, but if in spite of that you are still kind, it means that no one has won your noble heart, that absolutely no one has power over your kindness.
Kindness then is the greatest valeu for a human being, especially a woman.

truth – sometimes there is no gratitude for being kind, for not everyone is awake or grateful, yet when a rainbow kisses your feet, you know that you are greater than all.

You are kind – you won.

Curiosity X

You like to read and always learn new things, it is a great valeu – you are curious about the world around you, and always explore life from the latitude of knowledge and beauty.

Now – 👀 how to identify noble men with so many essential values – very simple 📐

A noble man perceives those values, and treats you as the Golden Being that You are, valuing your inner and inner beauty.
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just be yourSelf, and those who love and respect you for your being are part of your path, the rest is a distortion of reality – which is not advisable to take into account, as love is only kindness and respect.

You can choose what is best for you – in the image and resonance of what you deserve.

If you have already written your list of values, enjoy life, shine and remember that you are unique, and you were born to be in bliss.

The best is You – the title of my article and is true – You are the best, that does not make you superior to anyone, nor better or worse than anyone else, you are yourSelf – is more than enough. Your birth and destiny is unique, as unique as every hair that shines on your head in the Sun, for this is worth to live your life in full Glory, to love and to be loved and respected.

Sun to you !


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