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What is a family ? 🌴

First of all we live in the 21st century, but in the understanding of the collective consciousness the concept of family has various interpretations.
That’s why in my article I express my personal vision of this concept – seen from an artistic and quotidian point of view.

As a film director, painter, a woman and a conscious independent individual, for me family is firts two persons in love and respect who decide the extension of they love incarnate – to have children.

From my point of view, if family is seen only from the angle of the decoration, it is a very limited and cavernous vision.🤔
Generally that leads to divorces, and to relationships that are only based on a social arangment where the couple is not free like individual, – they have to support each other financially, spiritually and morally – no matter what. – pathetic.

In that case the spaces of the individual being are erased and the relationships end in habit or divorce, with children in between.

In my opinion conscious topics like marriage, divorce and growth of the self should definitely be taught at universities – with their full legal, ethical and moral responsibilities – that would avoid the increasing number of broken families, and people with no illusion of marriage.

Being conscious is great, and it is possible to build durable relationships from a conscious being who thinks with the same respect and love of the other as of oneself – otherwise it would be a distortion of reality.

As an artist, an intellectual and a woman I think the healthiest thing in a relationship is to start with yourSelf.
To come into your own realm, to know yourSelf and be fulfilled as a person, to know exactly the vocation that makes your heart beat and to expand it.

Be firts – and Be pleased with yourSelf,

after it is possible to invite another person into your kingdom and build together 🥰🥰 – looking in one direction, but without losing yourSelf as an individual.
A King and Queen in a conscious kingdom of respect and growth – based on communication, trust and freedom.

Freedom does not mean libertinage, it means trusting and respecting the other as you respect yourSelf, it is a higher level of conscience and beauty from love as the centre of a relationship. Both – You are home.

If you are in love, you only have eyes and heart to explore one person, – that is love at higher levels, as time consciousness is constant the higher one rises.

The other is with you to share the beauty and to grow, – when there is a solid foundation of love it is possible to think of the extension of this love incarnate – to have children.

But first and foremost absolute and infinite love, time to live and share.

Interesting ideas 👁‍🗨

We all know that most of our traumas come from childhood, so it is best that children are born joyfully and in a healthy and harmonious environment.

Having children – another topic that is frightening in our society, 😲 as if it were something supernatural – when if you are in love and the relashionship is healty – having children is simply the union and expansion of oneSelf.


As a woman I know that many women are not direct enough in expressing their desire to create a family and hide behind seductive and manipulative games with men, in the end children come out of relationships that are not very transparent and where from the beginning there is a game of manipulation.
Women are afraid that men will leave and feel that they will lose their freedom, all this is very twisted and very real in contemporary relationships.
Maybe a man in a cave or not in love, or unconscious may think this way – but a conscious gentleman 🌹 will appreciate your sincerity 🌹 and respect for his time as well as your own.

I propose to the ladies to tell your vision of life from the first meeting ⚡ – there are millions of men on the planet, from millons there is one who will be in consonance with you, and who is not, why waste your time?

sincerity is gold

That is why in higher spheres of consciousness, there are no manipulative games, everything flows directly and transparently. So there is plenty of time to build a kingdom and amplify happiness and love – that’s what it’s all about.

In such relationships neither the woman is an ovum nor the man is a sperm. Both are individuals in love, conscious and defined in their totality and respect. 🙏

Having a family on that basis is the healthiest thing a couple can aspire 🌱

Absolute trust is when you don’t even feel jealousy and you know that the other person will respect you even if he/she is alone on holiday on the other side of the world.
It is wonderful to have time alone to oxygenate the relationship, that both the man and the woman have their space dedicated to their personal growth. 🥰🥰

The task of one is to support the vision of the other – if it is literature – then let him- her write books, if it is decoration – let the other decorate to the fullest extent of his- her soul, if it is music, painting, mathematics, whatever – let it be expressed.


It is easy to see when people are in healthy couples of high level, love leads them to create and conquer the world, they are persons with a level of harmony, peace and lack of stress, or social complexes.

Love – drives, expands, determines better lives it is a force and motor of growth.

Nothing and nobody can stop love, – it is everything when you feel it, you only want the happiness and peace of the otheras you want your own.
That is why loving yourself is essential, knowing yourself is the key to the self-love. The most beautiful thing about Christianity is the thought of loving the other as oneself.🙏

Tips to know if you are in a high base relationship.🥰

  1. 🍇 Would you go and live alone for a few months without fear, and only exchange the keys to both houses with your partner? 🔑🔑
    It is very romantic and it oxygenates the spaces of one and the other.
  2. You are not afraid to be yourself.
  3. You expand the virtues of your soul, you are unstoppable, enthusiastic and you know that the love of your life supports your vision of life.
  4. You become your best self, you grow, and you simply feel absolute peace.
  5. You are happy when the other person succeeds in what he/she is passionate about, his/her success is also your success.✌
  6. You experience new levels of awareness, intense sexual desires and multiple orgasms – just by thought – which is amplified in the act.
  7. You both experience an expansion of respect within freedom and trust.
  8. You are a team and your kingdom is so solid that nothing else is an obstacle, you look together in the same direction with a common vision of the future.

Seen in this light and with these signs, you are in a relationship base where you can already consider expanding and having children.

Time is relative for each person, and each couple – there are old souls who have been searching for each other for several reincarnations to reach a common plan, and it is all surprising, direct and very intense.

It helps a lot in determining one’s relationship in a couple, this pentagram of Dante is very interesting, sometimes we don’t understand some reactions – simply because we are not on the same level.
If you are Master of your destiny and you are in the absolute paradise of your Being – you can know how to comunicated with your loved one, in case he/she is not yet Master or has lost his/her way on another level.

I invite you to explore the levels for yourself in various literatures. Understanding levels is essential. 🥰


It’s great to stop repeating nonsense like – he or she doesn’t deserve me, I deserve better, or things like that – all these are psychological artifices that clothe the soul to protect itself from the truth – only the truth sets us free – if you love a person say so, you have nothing to lose, it’s all in you.
Speak the truth always, and you will see a vast universe of purity open up before you – that’s called being free.
And love is freedom to be yourself and to manifest your feelings.

There are also relationships where you discover more about each other and learn patience, it all depends on many factors – at the centre of it all is love.

It is great to be sincere enough to live in love and respect for each other, being aware of the space-time, of the truth that we will all die one day or another and we only have time to be joyful and to leave beauty, that beauty and great creation is our extension – a family. 🌴

I think that seen from this perspective, the concept of the conscious family and the levels of procreation of other spheres – are quite clear.😊

My wish to the ladys, if you are always sincere and full yourSelf, the right man will be in your infinite and unlimited being.

To the gentelmans – every encounter reveals a fragment of our soul, may true love always embrace your lives.

And to the couples, who live in sincere, healthy relationships – congratulations, the world is beautiful and it is only for living every moment of our lives in communion with soul and body.🥰🥰🙏

In this article I have to thanks as a woman, all my brothers 🌹🙏 – men of absolute honour who in their behaviour are respectful and transparent towards their partners.
It is great to talk to conscious men and get inspiration from them. 🤝

I am especially grateful to my exboyfriend, – Merci 🙏

I affirm that we are with our new encounters as we were treated in previous relationships, it is important to know how to separate the past – if it was bad – and if it was good, the new person it is seen like a solid and integrity of the soul, the transparency and openness – embraces you.

If you are on the path of love, truth and creation of your master area of the family, the best thing to do is to concentrate on your virtues 😊

Be open to love and build with the person who is in alignment with you – it’s all very simple.

looking at yourSelf in the mirror – there are all the answers. 🥰🙏


Sean Lear


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