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What is a family ? 🌴

First of all we live in the 21st century, but in the understanding of the collective consciousness the concept of family has various interpretations.
That’s why in my article I express my personal vision of this concept – seen from an artistic and quotidian point of view.

As a film director, painter, a woman and a conscious independent individual, for me family is firts two persons in love and respect who decide the extension of they love incarnate – to have children.

From my point of view, if family is seen only from the angle of the decoration, it is a very limited and cavernous vision.🤔
Generally that leads to divorces, and to relationships that are only based on a social arangment where the couple is not free like individual, – they have to support each other financially, spiritually and morally – no matter what. – pathetic.

In that case the spaces of the individual being are erased and the relationships end in habit or divorce, with children in between.

In my opinion conscious topics like marriage, divorce and growth of the self should definitely be taught at universities – with their full legal, ethical and moral responsibilities – that would avoid the increasing number of broken families, and people with no illusion of marriage.

Being conscious is great, and it is possible to build durable relationships from a conscious being who thinks with the same respect and love of the other as of oneself – otherwise it would be a distortion of reality.

As an artist, an intellectual and a woman I think the healthiest thing in a relationship is to start with yourSelf.
To come into your own realm, to know yourSelf and be fulfilled as a person, to know exactly the vocation that makes your heart beat and to expand it.

Be firts – and Be pleased with yourSelf,

after it is possible to invite another person into your kingdom and build together 🥰🥰 – looking in one direction, but without losing yourSelf as an individual.
A King and Queen in a conscious kingdom of respect and growth – based on communication, trust and freedom.

Freedom does not mean libertinage, it means trusting and respecting the other as you respect yourSelf, it is a higher level of conscience and beauty from love as the centre of a relationship. Both – You are home.

If you are in love, you only have eyes and heart to explore one person, – that is love at higher levels, as time consciousness is constant the higher one rises.

The other is with you to share the beauty and to grow, – when there is a solid foundation of love it is possible to think of the extension of this love incarnate – to have children.

But first and foremost absolute and infinite love, time to live and share.

Interesting ideas 👁‍🗨

We all know that most of our traumas come from childhood, so it is best that children are born joyfully and in a healthy and harmonious environment.

Having children – another topic that is frightening in our society, 😲 as if it were something supernatural – when if you are in love and the relashionship is healty – having children is simply the union and expansion of oneSelf.


As a woman I know that many women are not direct enough in expressing their desire to create a family and hide behind seductive and manipulative games with men, in the end children come out of relationships that are not very transparent and where from the beginning there is a game of manipulation.
Women are afraid that men will leave and feel that they will lose their freedom, all this is very twisted and very real in contemporary relationships.
Maybe a man in a cave or not in love, or unconscious may think this way – but a conscious gentleman 🌹 will appreciate your sincerity 🌹 and respect for his time as well as your own.

I propose to the ladies to tell your vision of life from the first meeting ⚡ – there are millions of men on the planet, from millons there is one who will be in consonance with you, and who is not, why waste your time?

sincerity is gold

That is why in higher spheres of consciousness, there are no manipulative games, everything flows directly and transparently. So there is plenty of time to build a kingdom and amplify happiness and love – that’s what it’s all about.

In such relationships neither the woman is an ovum nor the man is a sperm. Both are individuals in love, conscious and defined in their totality and respect. 🙏

Having a family on that basis is the healthiest thing a couple can aspire 🌱

Absolute trust is when you don’t even feel jealousy and you know that the other person will respect you even if he/she is alone on holiday on the other side of the world.
It is wonderful to have time alone to oxygenate the relationship, that both the man and the woman have their space dedicated to their personal growth. 🥰🥰

The task of one is to support the vision of the other – if it is literature – then let him- her write books, if it is decoration – let the other decorate to the fullest extent of his- her soul, if it is music, painting, mathematics, whatever – let it be expressed.


It is easy to see when people are in healthy couples of high level, love leads them to create and conquer the world, they are persons with a level of harmony, peace and lack of stress, or social complexes.

Love – drives, expands, determines better lives it is a force and motor of growth.

Nothing and nobody can stop love, – it is everything when you feel it, you only want the happiness and peace of the otheras you want your own.
That is why loving yourself is essential, knowing yourself is the key to the self-love. The most beautiful thing about Christianity is the thought of loving the other as oneself.🙏

Tips to know if you are in a high base relationship.🥰

  1. 🍇 Would you go and live alone for a few months without fear, and only exchange the keys to both houses with your partner? 🔑🔑
    It is very romantic and it oxygenates the spaces of one and the other.
  2. You are not afraid to be yourself.
  3. You expand the virtues of your soul, you are unstoppable, enthusiastic and you know that the love of your life supports your vision of life.
  4. You become your best self, you grow, and you simply feel absolute peace.
  5. You are happy when the other person succeeds in what he/she is passionate about, his/her success is also your success.✌
  6. You experience new levels of awareness, intense sexual desires and multiple orgasms – just by thought – which is amplified in the act.
  7. You both experience an expansion of respect within freedom and trust.
  8. You are a team and your kingdom is so solid that nothing else is an obstacle, you look together in the same direction with a common vision of the future.

Seen in this light and with these signs, you are in a relationship base where you can already consider expanding and having children.

Time is relative for each person, and each couple – there are old souls who have been searching for each other for several reincarnations to reach a common plan, and it is all surprising, direct and very intense.

It helps a lot in determining one’s relationship in a couple, this pentagram of Dante is very interesting, sometimes we don’t understand some reactions – simply because we are not on the same level.
If you are Master of your destiny and you are in the absolute paradise of your Being – you can know how to comunicated with your loved one, in case he/she is not yet Master or has lost his/her way on another level.

I invite you to explore the levels for yourself in various literatures. Understanding levels is essential. 🥰


It’s great to stop repeating nonsense like – he or she doesn’t deserve me, I deserve better, or things like that – all these are psychological artifices that clothe the soul to protect itself from the truth – only the truth sets us free – if you love a person say so, you have nothing to lose, it’s all in you.
Speak the truth always, and you will see a vast universe of purity open up before you – that’s called being free.
And love is freedom to be yourself and to manifest your feelings.

There are also relationships where you discover more about each other and learn patience, it all depends on many factors – at the centre of it all is love.

It is great to be sincere enough to live in love and respect for each other, being aware of the space-time, of the truth that we will all die one day or another and we only have time to be joyful and to leave beauty, that beauty and great creation is our extension – a family. 🌴

I think that seen from this perspective, the concept of the conscious family and the levels of procreation of other spheres – are quite clear.😊

My wish to the ladys, if you are always sincere and full yourSelf, the right man will be in your infinite and unlimited being.

To the gentelmans – every encounter reveals a fragment of our soul, may true love always embrace your lives.

And to the couples, who live in sincere, healthy relationships – congratulations, the world is beautiful and it is only for living every moment of our lives in communion with soul and body.🥰🥰🙏

In this article I have to thanks as a woman, all my brothers 🌹🙏 – men of absolute honour who in their behaviour are respectful and transparent towards their partners.
It is great to talk to conscious men and get inspiration from them. 🤝

I am especially grateful to my exboyfriend, – Merci 🙏

I affirm that we are with our new encounters as we were treated in previous relationships, it is important to know how to separate the past – if it was bad – and if it was good, the new person it is seen like a solid and integrity of the soul, the transparency and openness – embraces you.

If you are on the path of love, truth and creation of your master area of the family, the best thing to do is to concentrate on your virtues 😊

Be open to love and build with the person who is in alignment with you – it’s all very simple.

looking at yourSelf in the mirror – there are all the answers. 🥰🙏


Sean Lear

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Lo mejor eres Tú

Hello wonderful person,

If you are reading my post today is because the Universe made it possible, that does not mean that you have to repeat what I wrote, I invite you to reflect on it and enjoy your intellectual free will.

The best is you

– SI – SI – SI –

My post is redirected on the values of a woman and her relationship with men, in this case I chose to focus on women valeus and noble men, as they are the ones that surround my latitude. Now, what are those values ? 🤔

First of all, a woman is a sublime being and was born to be respected and loved.
If by any accident in your life as a sublime woman, you have met people and among them men who have not respected your Self – you were simply facing a distortion of reality, which can only be love and respect.
Reality is a mirror and it is great to meditate on it and to clean unwanted thoughts and reflections, especially not to let absolutely no one reflect low vibrations in you.

From theory to practice – how to fix this distortion in the mirror of reality? 👀

Very easy – by defining your values and your parameters of beauty – and at the same time expanding yourSelf into the light of your sublime Being. The values can be multiple and diverse, you can take your pen and paper and write down all that apply to you.


I choose to expose the X most important for me, but the importance of the values may vary depending on the degree of Mastery and learning of your life.

YourSelf ☀ I

do You know yourself, do you know who you are? – self-knowledge is one of the most important values in a woman.

From You ☀ your universe is born.

Knowing how all horizons unfold from within you is a precious value.

You are tenderness 🥰 II

You are tenderness, – a woman is femininity, and was not born to be Atlas.

Being the super boss of your life doesn’t mean you have to carry everything on your back.

Tenderness is a higher value, it is the ability to love your fellow beings from a higher sphere by giving the most beautiful part of yourSelf, to do that you have to be strong and altruistic – so if you are tender – congratulations –

Victories to you 🏆

You smile III

Your smile is a value of good health, it is the essence of your pure heart to the world, no matter how you dress, if your smile is sincere you have an essential value.

You are passionate IV

You are passionate in your profession – you know exactly what makes you joyous and you perform it with dignity and love.

You are sincere V

You are sincere – no matter what happens you are honest with yourself and express yourself with sincerity in the face of life.

Sincerity is like a glass of transparent water, and transparency in the face of life and those around us only makes the Self evolve.

You are generous VI

You like to share the best of yourSelf with your friends and loved ones and you are generous since you know everything is in you is limitless.

Your inner and outside beauty VII

You like to be well dressed no matter what.👋
Clothes are a reflection of our inner state, and it’s very good to take care of our presence.
Being alive is a gift, and your presence here is part of that gift you were given, you are in the world, – Welcome – you are an essential part of this world – reason enough to celebrate every day your stay here and dress accordingly to the gift you were given.
Yes, you are important every day and every moment, so being dressed accordingly is just your inner beauty interacting with the external world.
It doesn’t matter what brand your clothes are, as long as you are conscious that the most important is inside you and you were born to shine every day.

You chosse VIII

You choose Yes, you have the strength and wisdom to choose what is best for your life. To decide to choose within yourself what you desire and what is best for you – is a great value.
By choosing you are the captain of your destiny.
The value of being able to choose has nothing to do with knowing how to choose houses, trips or clothes – it is all born in your state of consciousness – choosing your thoughts – in the first place.
Whatever happens in your life, remember that you can always choose what is best for you.

You are kindness IX

You are kindness, and that can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have gone through hell and to the cavern, but if in spite of that you are still kind, it means that no one has won your noble heart, that absolutely no one has power over your kindness.
Kindness then is the greatest valeu for a human being, especially a woman.

truth – sometimes there is no gratitude for being kind, for not everyone is awake or grateful, yet when a rainbow kisses your feet, you know that you are greater than all.

You are kind – you won.

Curiosity X

You like to read and always learn new things, it is a great valeu – you are curious about the world around you, and always explore life from the latitude of knowledge and beauty.

Now – 👀 how to identify noble men with so many essential values – very simple 📐

A noble man perceives those values, and treats you as the Golden Being that You are, valuing your inner and inner beauty.
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, just be yourSelf, and those who love and respect you for your being are part of your path, the rest is a distortion of reality – which is not advisable to take into account, as love is only kindness and respect.

You can choose what is best for you – in the image and resonance of what you deserve.

If you have already written your list of values, enjoy life, shine and remember that you are unique, and you were born to be in bliss.

The best is You – the title of my article and is true – You are the best, that does not make you superior to anyone, nor better or worse than anyone else, you are yourSelf – is more than enough. Your birth and destiny is unique, as unique as every hair that shines on your head in the Sun, for this is worth to live your life in full Glory, to love and to be loved and respected.

Sun to you !

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it is all very simple in Love 🏓

Love – born of an absolute awareness of love for oneSelf and for the person with whom one creates a couple -🍇
the only desire that rises in this level of consciousness is that everyone is well, a conscious being works in the foundations of the family and in oneSelf, – so that the children, innocent creatures, may transit in a better way through their path of life.

the decision to have a family is a very big step in life – which is born from first having a stable relationship with oneSelf, ha! yes, I divide this evolution in :

Love 🌴
Stable relationship with oneSelf, knowledge of oneSelf.

Love 🌴
In this stage, one can invite the other into one’s kingdom – and say – look how I am, I open the door of my heart to you with confidence and in glory.

Love 🌴
Stable relationship with the other, – firm within the knowledge of oneSelf, the relationship with the other is only a reflection of reciprocal kindness and beautiful values, spiritual, carnal and intellectual.
I compare this emotional stage as an airplane with two co-pilots, one has to know that the other is in the same dimension, and that together – only strengthen and amplify the values, the word together – is not to be glued – it is to be together in all dimensions and situations of life.
The plane is the same, even if the pilots have different points of view, the love and the awareness of being together is bigger than everything.
This way you can reach sublime heights, and enjoy life, that is what it is all about, interconnecting all the master areas of life and expanding them.

Love 🌴
In such an airplane, one can indulge in the conscious experience of bringing children into the world, and sustaining a family, based on love, respect, kindness and understanding – it is very simple when one becomes aware of the love for each other.

👀 How to react to society’s imperatives about ages, couples, homes, children – it is very simple.

Simple – in no way is that part of one’s kindom, – you get up in the morning with the person you love, and no one has any power there – everyone can live his own life.

👀 How is this reflected in the life of an artist, – in a higher vision of the Self, one sees other perspectives, learns to be with the loved one, to give and learn from the being who shares our life path, today and now.
that being loves you for what you are today, and not for what you will be tomorrow – it is all very simple.

I wish you all 🏓 to have a beautiful family, to have the feeling of being at Christmas every day, with your families – understanding , respect, and, – that when your children look at your past – you can only smile with pride in front of them.

Note 🍇

you don’t have to wait for you or the other to be at the absolute level to live a relationship as a couple – the levels are interconnected and one helps the other regardless of where he/she is.

Love happens, and it’s not going to ask – hello I’m on level 14, and you’re on which one? it’s ridiculous – just by opening your heart, you love the person wherever he/she is.

mega important -⚡ never build a relationship – partner, friendship, or whatever – with people who knew about your past, and whom you asked for support and they ignored your situation – such people are empty and operate in the world in a selfish way – so don’t include them in your present or future reality.

Connect to yourself, and you will see that you only have by your side people who value your time, your art, and every moment of your life’s journey here – everything is simple.

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choose a stable partner


art and life, friends, it is normal that each artist reflects in art part of life experiences, among them those of love.

today my theme is love and how to find a stable partner – very easy.
everything is so simple that it becomes uselessly complicated.
my healthy advice –

first – you have to learn to be alone and happy with yourSelf, only in this way the relationship has a healthy and beautiful base.

second – the other is not a patch, he – she – is a sublime being who is there to share the path of life in a stable, beautiful and happy way,

third – if the person who fits your parameters is slow to appear, do not be disappointed – destiny protects you from people who are not for you, and simply do not accept to be with someone because of lack of affection, or sexual desires, – this leads absolutely nowhere.

fourth – dedicate yourself to your personal growth of your higher self, identify at what level of consciousness you are and with whom you wish to share that happiness.

fifth – just fall in love with life, life is great and you deserve the best in the world, and be with a person who sees reality from his – her point of view so you converge like a mirror – just be yourSelf.

choose these points, and you will be completely happy regardless of what happens with your private life, the heart is the center of creation of every artist that’s why it is so important to have healthy, comprehensive, stable relationships based on beautiful values. Everything is very simple, it is about choosing love in its most sublime and transparent form.

for women – choose men with a golden heart, noble and gentle, a men who value your existence at all levels, who is present in your creations, life and with whom you can share sublime moments, and even play chess – splendor from the intimate joy, intellectual and spiritual point of view – and someone with whom you can laugh at this sometimes absurd world, good humor is a superior virtue.

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State of bliss and Splendor, sublime sphere, from which it embraces in a definitive and uninterrupted way the Supreme Being.
It is marvelous.
One is direct, respecting the other’s time as one’s own. Above all, one respects very much each instant of life, those fragments of moments of life are sublime, and the heart is filled with the joy of being alive, of being present, of Being.
One wishes to spend more moments with loved ones, on the plane of creativity – inspiration is constant,
on the social level – One becomes absolutely conscious, that we are what we leave.

wishing you beauty, love, art and bliss 🍇

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it’s a miracle and a blessing to be alive 🍇🏡

After working so much and with pleasure on my films, I am in my kingdom and I realise that the most beautiful thing is to share it with someone wonderful like me. Sharing is sublime.
Today the Japanese language has joined my kingdom, in fact I started to study this language in my adolescence and then a little bit in Paris, I love haikus, I wrote a lot of haikus in Paris –
sublime illumination, my films are like haikus, I am very excited to discover this fragment of my memory, the world is so beautiful and there is so much to explore, languages, flowers, music, paintings, sculptures, countries – it’s a miracle and a blessing to be alive to be able to experience such beautiful things.
just in total bliss – I like these colours, it says in Japanese Skyriver, the title of my film – written like this it looks great – blue, purple and white, a dress with these tones would be Glorious – inspiration ✍


I really like these colours, it says in Japanese Skyriver, the title of my film – written like this it looks great – blue, purple and white look great, a dress with these tones would be glorious.

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Faith is a Virtue 🍇

Faith is a virtue of strong and very elevated people of the material world – it is the certainty to see, feel, and receive the invisible within the material world – to bring to matter an idea – it is a gesture of Faith, since all ideas from the greatest were born from the invisible and the imagination of the human beings.

To have faith is to have strength and creative power,
Now Faith is manifested differently according to the level of consciousness one lives – that is why the phrase believe in yourself, for example – is total nonsense – for conscious beings who are already in the supreme Self.

To have unfailing faith in oneSelf is to be God and part of the consciousness of the universe, it is to be one – we are One, and if we are one nothing is against us, at that level enemies disappear, and one realizes that life is sublime, one enjoys every moment of life from the present moment.

To have Faith is sublime and simply becomes a habit.

Now how to live with Faith in a society where the individuals with difficulty reach their supreme self, and the great majority sleep in illusion?

Very easy 🥰, enjoying the present moment you are living and the great connection you have with your supreme consciousness, being in total bliss and helping everyone you can help on your way, – being in the last life makes this process much easier, you just live the world from your inner center.

I think that in the afterlife faith is amplified, simply because the soul knows and remembers what it is all about.

With this article I invite everyone to have faith in your being, life is a paradise and every day is a divine gift, to be – is sublime.🏁

If you can enjoy how a flower petal falls in your hand while the sun embraces you – you are definitely realizing an act of faith and admiration for the beauty that surrounds you – which is born in your vision for the inner world.

My feature film in production – SI – is a creation about Faith at the moment of the act of suicide, in a masterly and natural way in the course of the film from its dramatic writing, we can see the evolution of the characters.
I am very happy to have brought this idea to the world.

Being a masterpiece, my film is directed to all the centers in the world to help teenagers at the point between life and death, faith rise up in something bigger than ourselves – Love.


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lifting in home 🏁🍀🌺☀✨

Permanent awareness that every moment of life is a blessing.🌺🍀

Absolutely nothing is more important than the Self and its expansion.

It is as if the soul lives centuries repeating role-playing games, and in this life it is out of the psychological circus.
The last reincarnation can be compared to a spectator who walks quietly and eats ice cream while looking at the Sun, while the human comedy continues its course.
You enjoy every moment, for you know that you will not return to this beautiful place of perpetual evolution.
In this configuration you are focused on the present moment, and in what you are going to leave to all your loved ones, the greatest desire is to give, and as a consequence you receive what centuries ago belonged to you in fragments.

Each soul experiences it in its own way, some wish to have a family, others do not – it is an independent and unique experience that has to do with what has been experienced in past lives.

The most beautiful sensation that manifests itself is – To Be – 🥰💎
The only thing that can be boring is to watch the comedy repeat itself, but if you are centered in your being, you can only laugh at that.

Love at that level – sublime, definitely the soul finds the love of all its past lives, it is a love without obstacles, without problems – a space where everything flows, because you know that soul from several lives –
you only wish to this soul happiness and the same spiritual expansion.☝

Past experiences – You cut the bridges with souls from the past, that cycle is over, you say goodbye to them and they disappear from your vibrational field.
Everything they did to you in this lifetime, they will have other lifetimes to consume their karma, but you know that this one is yours, and it is the last one.🏁

Jealousy and all psychological attachments of affection disappear, – you get rid of all that, it’s just nonsense compared to the great path of light that opens up before you, compared to the vast universe.
Transparency is an evidence – transparency with oneself.
From the creative point of view, it is like being permanently connected to a Source of high voltage and not letting go – having the thunder of knowledge and wisdom in your hand.

What communication is like at that level – it is sublime.
And the people who you may at first think are ignoring you, are not ignoring you, they are simply in another vibrational level code and don’t know how to respond to your transparency and vibration, because by not using the language of psychological artifice – you break their codes and no one likes to have their bubble burst.
So it’s not a question of being ignored or rejected, it’s simply vibration.
Once you understand that, everything is ok – you continue your sublime life and exchange experiences with people of the same vibrational level.

To live your last life, it is impressive and unique, because what for some is glory, for you it was perhaps in past lives, you want to live unique things, details that you missed from other lives, you resolve everything that linked you to other souls, it is an extremely unique path – it is beautiful.

You have nothing to prove or prove to anyone, just leave beauty to the world – expanding your art, and giving time to your family and all your loved ones.

– theme that corresponds to this last life level – Oh, tell me something I don’t already know 🤔

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I☀ am a feminist, I love men with honor🌹

I ☀ am a feminist, I love men with honor🌹

In our society today feminism has to be confused – as well as its foundations.
The basis of today’s feminism is the lack of respect for women and the equal treatment of women in working life circles.
Understanding the basis of a stance towards the world is essential, many women become feminists because of the treatment they have had with unconscious pieces of men.
In that case what happens is that by living unfair experiences with this type of incapable men – women put that filter to the rest of the men – and it is not good.
Not all men are pieces of shit, and not because one has behaved badly – you are going to deny the virtues of wonderful men.
Men with honor respect women, and value their virtues – they are splendid beings.
Men are great.
That is why it is important to understand the basis of all feminist concepts.

If you are a feminist, because you have only found foolish men in your life, I am sorry to tell you that you are on the wrong path, because you are giving a lot of power to a being that is incapable of understanding the value of your body, soul, intelligence.
And to give power to such men is to give them the reins of your destiny, which is glorious if you open yourself to men of honor. Only You are in control of Your destiny.

Now, out of the idea of being a woman or a man, we are energy – and sometimes there are women with a lot of yang, masculine energy, and men with ying energy.
The soul chooses the body, to manifest an experience that it needs to live on the earthly, physical plane.
If you are a woman, congratulations, you are blessed to walk through the world with so much power and beauty.
As far as feminism is concerned, I think it is important to always remember the filter through which you observe reality, knowing that sometimes there are women who behave very badly and worse than men, – solidarity has neither sex, nor nationality, nor religion – it has a heart and there is your strength – in your heart.

Men of honor know you illuminated with beauty the world !
Such men do not make of you a prototype of their whim – that is only done by little men who are incapable of conquering a beautiful, strong and conscientious woman You are.

Men of honor have so much respect that they will not hurt you even with the petal of a rose.

It is important to have lived work and personal experiences with men of honor, to understand this, and to know that it is not a matter of denying men – but of accepting their presence in our lives. It is about communication and union between two poles.
Such communication is only based on respect for the virtues of both women and men.
The world is beautiful and you as a woman are part of this world.

In my personal experience, I am happy to have met many men of honor – they respect women so much that you just want to spend time with them sharing creations, friendship, love. It would be very cruel to close the door on them, because of unfair experiences.

From thought to practice :

👌 How not to project your experiences with unconscious people onto other men of honour – it’s very easy.🥰

Position yourself at the level of a spectator of your own life and identify who behaved inappropriately.
⚡ If you have contact with that person, tell him absolutely everything you disagree with. Your deal is to resolve the one-sided situation and not to generalise that everyone is like that. The mini men who are carbon, will remain carbon on their level – your task is not with those men, there will be other people on that level to deal with it.
Your only path is You.
⚡Cut as many bridges as you can, absolutely all of them.
⚡Remember, you are love, strength and beauty – and that is how the world sees you from the inside out.

Being a feminist within femininity is powerful, as only men of honour come to your inner temple – and that is what it is all about – building your reality from the inner temple.

All the unconscious outside, absolutely all of them

A woman’s life is sublime, you are the temple and you are the house, in your body life is born, and life is the continuation of sublime love with another being like you.
It is so great, that you automatically discard from your circle all men who have not understood this, whether they are friends or work relationships.
Every day of your life is gold, every minute, every breath, – choose men who make you feel like the divine woman you are.

Such a feminism is pure Glory, choose Loveit is what You are, don’t let any idiot dirty the Crystal with which you see the world, – which is full of beauty and kind men.

is only one direction – love ☝

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life is a Masterpiece


It sounds tremendous, but it is very easy if you look at it from the right angle and the angle is the essential.💎

First you have to come to yourSelf and know exactly who You are, that can take several years, sometimes several lifetimes.
Now if you are at the point that you have reached your Supreme being and the essence of Your being – everything is very easy.👌
Being a woman and a Creatress with clear values and conscious of my being – I know what kind of man I want to share my beauty with.
A man with honor 🌹 who makes me feel like a woman, and not the super hero that I already am – that is what is called in Chinese philosophy the yin and yang in balance, or in the myth of Plato – a being with two heads – that is the union of two opposite poles – like night and day.

Your life is a Masterpiece – chisel your stone and forget the rest – if you’ve reached the Diamond – here are some ways to keep it shining.

Interesting fact as it is love and the perspective of Women who are on a Supreme level of being :

  • spiritual fulfillment
  • respect
  • trust
  • fullness in the relationship
  • absence of jealousy (and other nonsense feelings from the underworld.)
  • understanding of the other as one’s totality and an being independent at the same time.

True, the vast majority of people vibrate on opposite parameters, – that’s why you should not be disappointed or compare yourself with absolutely no one.
If you decided to live the love of your life, and create your family in a certain configuration and on a certain basis of honor – among millions of people on the planet – there is one who is exactly in tune with your vibration, so do not worrytake care of only you.

How to take care of this inner growth and what it generates in reality? 🌺

  1. Be honest with yourSelf.
  2. Transparent.
  3. Be selfish – in a good way – think of yourSelf and from your inner Kingdom – that’s where it all comes from.
  4. If you are a Creatress and artist like me – amplify your creative skills, learn new techniques, read and dedicate yourself to your inner self.
  5. Don’t fall in love with a specific person – just Be Love – and whoever it manifests itself as, simply open your heart to love, to give and be loved.
  6. Don’t entertain relationships with people who are in couples, married or don’t know what they want – that is bad karma and a waste of energy, time and values.
  7. If you know who you are, you know who deserves you, and what values that person has – it’s as simple as knowing where things come from.
  8. If you are in your Supreme Self you have surely cleared all your wounds, and past situations, childhood and ancestral traumas – you are free of all those chains – then you can see the world from your free self – first explore the level where you are and from there choose.
    The advantage of being in higher levels of consciousness is that you can always choose, don’t settle for something that may be a reflection of the past – meditate, focus and think and that is really what you want.
  9. Meditate every day for at least 30 minutes in front of a blank wall.
  10. Read, there are millions of beauties to be discovered.

Love of life – what is it? 💋

It is a person with whom you can walk through life with your bag open and something of great value in it, without fear of it being stolen.
You are with a sublime being who is a reflection of the level, and both are vibrating in the Mastery of your lives.

To build a family on higher levels of consciousness – is Splendour.

The other person must have their creation, their art and their stones to carve, you have yours – time flows in the best to grow together, there are no limitations of time or work schedules.
I am very selfish with my artistic creation, simply because it comes from my higher self and I always share and share my time with people who understand this.
I love people who are busy with their art – because that’s who I am – and all my Creations are a reflection of my time invested in them.
An artist is an artist 24 hours a day, always creating, painting, filming and expressing the beauty of the world.
To live with an artist is to be always connected to the Supreme being, who adapts, expresses himself and loves life as if it were his only masterpiece.
We only have one life and this is it, this is how it is for me.
One shares who he is and accepts to let another creator into his divine realm – in the union new dimensions emerge and that’s great.
Before existing in We 🌹🌹 – there has to be a total awareness and anchoring to the I.☀🏁

There are two types of beings, those who put the roof on the house without the seeds and hold it up with their hands – a bit like Atlas – and those who quietly work on the foundations of their house, so that it is solid and does not collapse, also so that one does not have to deal with useless situations, involving the lives of innocent creatures, – one’s children.
So all the work that you did on yourself before you brought children into the world, will bear fruit – for your children will be born free of bondage and that is consciousness and love.
As a woman I decided to invest my time of inner exploration in a legacy for my children, this legacy translates into a glorious initiatic path guide – I am very proud of its existence, for I want my children to know what it is to have high values and how to define them – how to cut the diamond with strength and nobility.

My work at River Film Mouvement as a Creatress, is wonderful – and with three films in production this year – I am very privileged to share these masterpieces with the world.

How to manage time in these three Master areas of life? 🥰👌🌺

Very easy – if you have worked well on your foundations, you have plenty of time to sip margaritas on the beach and enjoy your art, family, and help your sisters and brothers – leaving humanity bridges of beauty, respect and virtue – art and love.


This article is a fragments of the next volume II – Cherrys 🍒🌺 – my magazine of Art and Life.

You can have access to the first volume in one clic.

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My film about Music, inspired by the artist Kurt Cobain – just in my hands today – – IF – is a work that is born in the act of suicide and develops in an unexpected way, a gold mine.

The film is part of my film movement River and brings in itself my structure of filming.

River Mouvement is a bridge for cinema that interconnects generations with a new form of filmmaking. And it is supported by the artist Jean Luc Godard, who himself created the bridge of the Nouvelle Vague current creation of two films with my structure- The Mirror of Hermers – IF

River Films Mouvement ~ ☀️ (@RiverMouvement) / Twitter

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Love mind set – all roads are Open

Everything is in deciding and doing

Love mind set 💋

Coming back to myself, I realize that I had a blockage between my art and love, this blockage arose at the time of pandemic, – where I fully immersed myself in my art, creating wonderful works.
I painted a lot, I even managed to exhibit my fish in the middle of the pandemic.
I wrote an adventure saga and a comic book series, I advanced in my film movement – in short, I was focused on me, and I didn’t give space to my private love life.
I also thought I was in love, and even believed in silly soul stories

Once I made a race table, and removed all the useless things that didn’t add anything to my life – I could see that it was simply a time when I was focused on myself and my artistic expression.
I even beat Leonardo Da Vinci intellectually, with the creation of my book and its narrative structure and definitely my River film structure. I am a genius, in art.
Finished my two films, ready to shoot – brilliant – 2023 only victories.
Now love
I was always in love with love, and I had wonderful partners, noble men.
I realized that the time of pandemic was a path I traveled to mySelf, and it was beautiful.
Then I saw clearly that I don’t have to choose between love, and art – because being in a couple I always developed my art, and it was wonderful.

Realizing that point is essential, remembering is essential.
Remembering my life as a couple, with exceptional artist like me, I thought – fuck – I am in an illusion and surrounded by inactive ghosts that I myself let exist.
I removed the veil of the lie, and stood alone at the top of the mountain contemplating – there of course is the choice of myself and love embraced me.

I affirm that love, like art is not about choosing, it is simply about disconnecting from the nonsense and focusing on what you have now, you go out for a coffee, and there is the love of your life, you open your email and you get a job offer, where you meet the love of your life, all roads are open the only person who has to make the space for that person – is yourSelf.

I didn’t have that space for each other, now I do – thanks to my ex Benoit, now my friend and brother who made me remember how we built a wonderful relationship from what we had – love and space for each other.

My advice to those who are in the love dimension – talk to your ex-partners, the ones you trust the most and remember how you were when you shared your heart with another, remembering is wonderful – you go back to the origins of love and give it the space it deserves.

Today I have this space and I am celebrating.

Everything is in deciding and doing

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in higher levels of love the perspective is different – bliss 🌺

What kind of man one falls in love with at higher levels.

At higher levels of consciousness the other is not a reflection of you – is your double – that’s why this kind of love perspective is different.

One falls in love with a man who is kind, gentle, tender and with whom one can share ideas, and have relationships on a level of trust and understanding, respect.
A man with whom you can enjoy life, laugh and have good times.
And even if there are turbulences of reality, there is an awareness that this does not affect love.

An artist, most of the time decides to be with another artist, – there is a mutual knowledge of the art world, and one must create and have an emotional stability in the relationship.

Physically, there are no rules, one falls in love with the soul and the conscious being, with spiritual generosity, humility, gratitude, sincere.

In the state of bliss, one chooses peace, a man who is able to look in the same direction together in respect.

Trust is a topic that is not in question at higher levels, where there is neither jealousy nor lack of trust – one comes to the understanding and mastery of the levels and chooses to be with a person who respects time and is a creator.

When you know your worth, you know who you are, you choose a man with a noble heart.💛

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Nirvana 🌺

How the world looks from Nirvana 🌺

Things that happen before reaching this state – surrender – it seems paradoxical but only by laughing before the Supreme being one accepts it – one has to burn to the end, to let go of everything – absolutely everything.
In this state of stillness in front of a white wall the essential remains.

To Be in Nirvana – it is wonderful – there is nothing more to add, – it is expansion of the soul, wisdom and love.

Above all there is an anchored and absolute consciousness, that one is here to leave something greater than the small self, to be fully blissful and to help others.

In art, it is Glorious – it is a stage of absolute enlightenment that awakens a new state of consciousness.

In love, it is spiritual fullness – one sees the soul of the being, not its face or its occupation, the soul becomes transparent because it is seen from a transparent prism without artifice or masks.

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Let It Be 💛⛳

My article is dedicated to for all those who are in the pilate of Mastery of love

you change the pattern – you change the action – another energy happens

Sometimes you go around the world, getting the same results – simply because you have the same pattern.
How is this reflected in love and relationships?

If you like to talk, you attract people who are more silent and more listening, it is energy – one always attracts part of its opposite. In exemple – if you get tired of talking, you would attract a person who talks a lot and between you there would only be noise and no music.

But it is a little bit different if you are in Nirvana, because when you integrate the opposite in you, you only attract – a person who is simply in connection with your soul.
The love of your life.

How to achieve balance then ? – very simple.
Relax and change the pattern – stay Open, go to the root of the thought, and conclude, why do I talk so much ? why am I always in contemplation ? whatever the example is, of vector behavior – it has a reason for being and that is the one that is important to understand.
By understanding that reason, one is magically with the right person.

As for me, I love to talk about art, philosophical ideas, music, or simply about life – it’s a wonderful part of my being that I love, especially because language and its expression fascinates me, being a very empathic person I like to communicate and share ideas – I love to be able to communicate and express mySelf.

I am, and I am pleased with that part of my being, then I connect best with people who are in my spiritual balance.

As we are energy and vibrational frequency, everything is very simple.

Love just happens, it is an important pillar in the Mastery and management of one’s life.
Simplement Let It Be

I hope my article can help many Masters and Mistresses in their essential pilate, at the same time one can work on other pilates, but to my point of reflection – after one is in the supreme being of JESUIS, the pilate of love becomes an evidence in itSelf.

I wish you all Glory and Triump.

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everything is simple – it’s being

everything is simple – it’s being

a man present in my life – it’s wonderful, go to the kitchen knowing it smells like coffee because it wasn’t you who turned on the coffee pot – time is gold – my reality is now, is art and love – is being.

a present man in my life – it’s wonderful

wonderful – Im off in twitter, wonderful that I’m back to reality

the day I decided not to wait –

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Féminin ☀ Masculin

The union of the masculine and feminine is a glorious level – it happens when all the doors of the past are closed – absolutely all of them.
Once the conclusions in all latitutes are manifested and anchored in the consciousness – one can step into a new dimension – Union of the Masculine and Feminine.

What exactly is this union and how does it happen?
It has nothing to do with sexuality, but with the energy of the soul – there are souls with very masculine energy and feminine sex and vice versa. To get to this stage it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of oneself – and to be in the JESUIS.
only from there does the union clearly happen.

The union happens in the Supreme consciousness and then on the material planeaccepting one’s masculine or feminine side – one accepts the other as part of oneself.
This is reminiscent of Plato’s famous myth, where the human being rolls around in the world with two heads, and from a certain time is sought through love.
We also see this idea in the union of yin and yang – opposite poles – night and day – feminine – masculine – sun – moon –
There are men who by their energy have a completely feminine soul, which does not mean that they are homosexuals – they simply have more in themselves than they seek – their reflection.
The same for women, many are more sun than moon.
Knowing what energy one has is therefore essential, knowing oneself is essential – for only by coming to yourself and your pure essence will your double embrace you.

Accepting oneself – one accepts the other, knows that the other will not judge you for being more masculine or feminine, – for it is the perfect balance.

It’s simple you come to yourself and your double embraces you.

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blissful lotus swimming in the blue – swimming in you

floating like a lotus with bliss

Love embraces – inspires and expands the heart with bliss – it’s like being a lotus and floating in blue waters.
Love opens new doors, it’s the sublime moment when one cannot look back because it’s so gorgeous in front of you, it’s not worth the detour.

floating like a lotus and contemplating the universe – in the eyes of your lover – with bliss – floating

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un Homme Est un Homme

Un Homme Glorieux, sage et intelligent – Créateur de son destin – aime une femme sur tous ses niveaux – il n’attend pas qu’elle atteigne son être suprême, puisque il sait ce qu’est le Caroussel.
Ce sont généralement les hommes d’honneur qui ont cette compréhension, car ils voient au-delà du visible.
Ce sont des grands hommes, des géants, des sages – des sages déguisés en simples, – ils savent que l’amour est simple – c’est être.

Ce qui est bien, c’est d’avoir connu de grands hommes, des frères Glorieux – cela donne la vision pour voir les petits qui prétendent être grands. Parmi eux, les chasseurs des ovules, les hommes qui ne veulent être avec une femme que pour poursuivre égoïstement l’extension de leur lignée – de tels êtres sont loin de l’amour.

Une Femme qui se respecte et qui connaît la valeur de la vie et de l’amour, sait bien reconnaître l’or à son image et à sa ressemblance parmi la paille qui brille.

C’est pourquoi il est merveilleux qu’il existe des hommes glorieux, des hommes avec lesquels il est possible de regarder dans la même direction d’honneur, sans donner d’explications et en sachant que la grandeur d’un être est dans son cœur.

Après tout, un Homme Est un Homme !

Vous les reconnaîtrez à la façon dont ils traitent les femmes avec respect, vous les reconnaîtrez à la façon dont ils n’attendent pas que le diamant brille, ils ne recherchent pas la perfection d’un diamant taillé, ils sont toujours là quand il naît – seuls les sages dans des vêtements simples – embrasse l’amour.

Ils s’habillent de prétentieux et sourient à la comédie immonde – puisqu’ils ne se soucient pas du diamant mais du cœur qui le sculpte.

Après tout – ils le savent – un Homme Est un Homme !

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I choose – Eros – I choose MySelf

To decide – is to choose – I choose.

Contemplating the non-divine comedy from the highest balcony – I decided to go out on the roof of My Kingdom to see the stars, what a miracle.
To be able to see the sky, even more wonderful to share that moment, that’s where Eros embraced me.
Pisquis joined Eros in a flash of Zeus’ lightning.
The same day, I had to go out and move, the same day I had to take pictures of my illustrated manuscript in progress – it all happened on the same day. Today.
I was very happy about my achievements in drawing, and in the evolution of the script of my film – I draw and by drawing I see the scenes, that’s how in my work the pencil and the camera come together.
In the full Glory of my Creation, I ended up buying lollipops to celebrate in the luxury super market – a place with levels full of people shopping, as I am already happy and this is my last life, no object attracted my attention, neither the dresses, nor the bags, nothing – everything seems to be so repetitive, –
I thought ok, and if I bought everything now, I would be happier ?
I am definitely on Top – I kept thinking and said – ok – I patent my camera – I have millions – I have millions for my Art –
I am happier than I am now ?
money and objects are just an extension to do good and to leave beauty, but not a reason to be – I’m happier than I am now ?
what is the reason for being, if not Love ?
I kept thinking about it while I was chewing the candy stick, the saleswomen were proposing me things on their stands, but all that didn’t interest me – I would take them to the roof of my roof, I would show them that all that is scenography – but I don’t have time to explain myself to anybody.
Even those big houses of millions are scenographies if there is no love in them, even prizes and money are scenographies if there is no love and intention to leave beauty and help others.
How boring, how repetitive, – I realised this supermarket is the carousel of life, the scenography of time – in each fragment and level you learn and you leave a little piece of time – which is gold.
For glory they even step on people’s toes, they betray each other, they lie – ou la la – better to close your eyes from the balcony and not see this.
But in all that madness there is something worth being for – love – love for oneSelf first and then union with the other.
Union of soul and body – how divine is.
Sex of course, but not the sex of the primitive – sex in its highest sense – pure Glory.
And is there really anything else besides art and love that can be done here? 🤔
Well, that’s enough, it’s Olympo and what else?
Maybe it is enough – it contains the whole universe – and for that we rise to embrace the universe in an embrace, in a kiss.

Simply, and affirmatively – I don’t care about the rest – maybe it’s selfish – so what?
Nobody has sacrificed as much as I have to help blind people, I don’t care about anybody’s opinion – I love the world, and I wish you all beauty and splendour, God willing.
But it is true that one reaches a point of no return in elevation, and that is pure love – and from that point it is impossible to move.
Only those who reach it know it, it is sublime –
for all the goals of life are attainable, now love – that is more than a goal, it is more than a house, or a career – it is the essence of oneSelf.
So by choosing Eros in me – I chose mySelf –
And so I celebrate the beautiful union the Psyche comes to Eros, in an elevated way by choice of the soul, and not by an animal instinct.
So we can always choose. I choose 💛

I don’t care what anyone says and does, I am in My Kingdom 🌺☝, and in dont care land. com – everything is beauty.
Yes to Eros and fuck the rest is MY answer.
Love is the answer.

Im love.

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La escritura como expresión del alma ☀☝


El cuerpo humano es esplendor puro, desde el corazón - nuestros ojos, hasta las manos.
Qué bendición cohabitar día a día con uno mismo. 
La mejor Creación de Dios es el ser humano - quien a su vez y Dios mediante crea, es creador de arte, belleza, de utilidades, lenguajes, ingeniería, todo lo que toca el hombre consiente lo transforma en herramienta para expandir su rastro efímero en el vasto planeta Tierra.

Seguido a ese breve párrafo, pies firmes en donde nos encontramos todos actualmente - el espacio temporal denominado siglo 21.
Sí, amigos, hoy en siglo 21, con tantas posibilidades de expresiones tecnológicas, de las cuales un artista se nutre, como medio de expresión - constató que se está dejando un poco de lado el valor de la escritura.
No olvidemos que mucho antes de que existiera la tecnología, lo primero que el hombre tomo es sus manos como medio de expresión fue una tableta de barro y un palito - con esta breve introducción os invito a curiosear sobre el tema - del surgimiento de la escritura por vosotros mismos. A los amantes de google  - podéis surfear en los Orígenes de la Escritura - o iros a una Biblioteca de vuestra ciudad y encontrar diversos libros y artículos sobre el tema.

Os dejo claro que mi artículo no es sobre la historia de una de las expresiones más sublimes y nobles del ser humano - la escritura, más bien sobre la importancia de esta en el arte, y exactamente como cualidad de expresión de los artistas. 
Soy artista universal y me interesa hablar de este tema - hoy y ahora en pleno siglo 21 - estoy - como ustedes contemplando los avances tecnológicos de la humanidad.

Uno de los privilegios que nos ha tocado a los artistas de mi siglo, es que todos tenemos ordenadores, ya saben ese trocito plástico con luz, baterías, teclas y un sistema operativo que nos ayuda a crear grandes ideas, entre ellas nos sirve como vehículo de la escritura. 
Ahora en ese vehículo tenemos todos un clic facilitador de vida, que se llama control Z - al igual que disponemos de los famosos ayudantes flash - copiar - y - pegar. 
Copiando y pegando uno se puede pasar horas, al igual que las horas les pueden pasar a uno sobrevolando ideas.
Escribimos y todo y de todo se opina en fracciones de segundos - todos esos textos van a un mundo numérico, no tangente, maravilloso y mágico.
Felicito a todos los que ya dominan esos terrenos y técnicas complejas de programas y algoritmos creativos - Bravo.

Aun así, no olvidemos que la base de todo el mundo tecnológico que nos rodea se gestó con pluma y sobre papel, y como mismo tenemos hoy de nuestro lado y a nuestro servicio, el ordenador y el teléfono, es importante escribir en papel y con pluma a diario.

Es glorioso de escribir sobre un soporte físico tangente y ver al momento como se desarrolla una idea artística en el plano material.
En este párrafo hagamos un salto al los tiempos lejanos, y a la creación del lenguaje - como medio de comunicación y expresión directa del alma.
Viajemos a las los templos Egipcios - anterior a Cristo.
¿Estáis listos para despegar?

¡Perfecto, a la aventura se diga!

Por unos instantes imaginemos que estamos en un bello templo de piedra iluminado por el Sol naciente, y que en ese templo solo hay un palito y pintura para expresar un pedacito del ser que somos - en el -  Dios - que maravilla, no hay ningún intermediario y ninguna batería baja o alta, está uno solo con su pensamiento y la expansión del mismo. 
Así de simple, ese muro es un trozo de papel al alcance de todos hoy, y el templo es el ser sublime quien escribe.
Ustedes se imaginan cuantos años navego la humanidad para que con Gracia a través de Crono se pudieran escribir libros, traducir textos, manifestar ideas brillantes? 
Alguna vez pensaron cuantos dinosaurios se abstuvieron de comer vuestros antepasados para que hoy, todos ustedes pudieran leer y escribir?
Simplemente - 
Es magnífico poder escribir y que nos sirva de vehículo de comunicación.
Claro esta en un mundo sobrecargo de información y bla bla de corte y pega, uno quizás no le presta atención a lo sublime que es la escritura, pero lo es - amigos, y más que sublime es una parte esencial del templo interior de cada ser humano. 

Sabemos escribir, qué maravilla - Estoy en la cumbre de la felicidad, solo reflexionando en ello e imaginando a los dinosaurios que no se comieron a mis ancestros, para que hoy les publicara con brío un artículo tan interesante.
Al cual adjunto mi experiencia artística en lo que la escritura concierne.

Como saben, recién, termine un libro ilustrado para niños, Wings - el libro es bastante cortito, aun así elegí que fuera manuscrito. 
En esa creación me confronté a la escritura con tinta y pluma, la cual ya había utilizado en otras obras, pero en esta creación para niños me sucedió algo muy curioso…
Resulta que de tanto escribir se me inflamo un tendón del dedo índice.
Ou la la - es el fin pensé, en ese momento tenía que terminar mi escritura, por lo que intente escribir con mi mano izquierda, ja! 
Horror, viendo lo torcidas que salían mis letras, hasta recordé mi infancia por instantes, claro esta que el texto me salió bastante rock and roll - 
Contraponiendo las dos hojas de papel de mi escritura torcida de mano izquierda con la escritura sublime de mi mano derecha - me senté a meditar, y en esos momentos un relámpago de conciencia ilumino mi pensamiento, - Dios, increíble yo escribí esto!
Miraba mis manos, miraba la pluma y comparaba las dos escrituras - mientras una manada de dinosaurios se unieron a mis pensamientos.
Amigos - no podía dejar de admirar el simple hecho de que puedo escribir, y para ello solo necesito un papel y una pluma Y basta estoy en mi Templo. 
Que maravilla.
Rápidamente, me puse una crema en el tendón y terminé de escribir, pues ante tanta belleza el dolor desapareció, y mirando de reojo mi escritura torcida, pensé que sería genial aprender a escribir con mi mano izquierda.

¡Ese mismo día me apliqué en ejércitos para ello, que más podía hacer - me dolía el dedo índice!
Además muchas personas saben escribir con dos manos, y es genial.
Es lógico, tenemos dos manos después de todo, si caminamos con dos pies, en vez de cojear con uno, es bello poder desarrollar el cuerpo sublime.
¡Manos a la obra! Y sin metáforas.

Con este artículo, invito a todos a recordar lo bello que es expresarse con pluma y sobre papel.
¡Personalmente recomiendo escribir mínimum 10 páginas diarias continuas, sobre libretas, blocs, epistolarios, poesía, cuentos, novelas! 
¡Todo lo que haga vibras vuestro corazón florecerá a través de vuestra pluma - es una forma directa y sin intermediarios de habar con Dios - además de las oraciones - solo queda escribir!


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Blue Portraits 🌊


In my feature film – The Mirror of Hermes – a series of blue portraits joins my creative film process.
All the incarnations of my characters – of my film.
I am pleased to unify my virtues in one – film and drawing.
Each portrait is done in pencil and on a wonderful manufactured paper.

Capturing the expressions and soul of the characters in my film, is part of my cinematographic vision.
This work as a writing process is wonderful, because a portrait, an expression, a gesture – is a story – is my film.

-The Mirror of Hermes –

Justine de Chartres.

Portrait II


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MySelf and I

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my books everywhere -window of knowledge 🌺

The idea of making the walls of my Library with books and movable shelves came to me in Montreal – while I was arranging my books in the window.🤔

I remember that day very well and it was beautiful, in fact my suitcases always had more books than clothes, so when I took them out of the suitcase I had no shelves to put them on, I only had those beautiful windows and I put them right there.
It was great because at sunrise and sunset I always read beautifully in the natural light.🌺

I thought it was great for my architecture, so I designed the plans for the Library based on that day.

My musician friends, who always spotted my house by the books in the windows, told me that I had to put them on the other side to see the titles – but I never listened to them – maybe they were right.

I’ll think about which side they have to be on in my Library.

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My home – words come in and words go out 🌺

While decorating my flat, I realised that I needed something at the entrance that was different and beautiful, – it was not difficult to find the object – because I love books – that’s how I got my hands on a huge old French-English dictionary. 🤗🍒
I put it in the door, and made it a habit that every day I went in and out of the house I would learn a new word at random – and so it was.

Within a week I had discovered many interesting words, and it became beautiful to go in and out with new words to guide me.
Then when my friends came over they did the same, they left with words, and came in with words.

As the dictionary was big, it was possible to spend the whole day learning, and to be surprised at how many beautiful words there are.

It’s a wonderful idea, and I recommend it to everyone who is learning languages, because it’s a fun way to learn.🌺

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Soli – daridad ✨

En mi mundo la palabra Solidaridad viene de Sol.

Vivimos en un mundo que cambia y donde sé están, revelando los valores humanos, al igual que su ausencia.
En esas cuestiones, la empatía, toma de la mano a la solidaridad y el Amor se amplifica.

De eso va mi artículo – del amor 🌹

El otro día estaba escribiendo un debate interesante en twitter, sobre el amor y su amplificación. La persona que estaba detrás de sí twitter, no era un robot y me pareció un ser que ponía detalles bonitos sobre la elevación del alma, el arte y la belleza.
Yo posteo todo lo que me parece bello en mi twitter – el cual es todo arte y amor.
Y de paso el guion de mi film se está creando allí.
Me parece que es maravilloso, compartir y amplificar el amor 🌺

El debate era sobre las acciones en el Amor, y esta persona abogaba que las acciones no son todo – por mi parte yo revelaba – que las acciones son la manifestación del amor y su amplificación – tomando el ejemplo del nacimiento del ser humano – Uno nace con amor y por amor.

Tú ves unas flores, y las regalas a un ser querido, amplificando tu amor en un gesto.
Es bello, y tener gestos es importante.
Porque predicar el amor, en internet sentado frente a un sofá solo dentro del mundo virtual- sin tener gestos en la vida, puede ser un poco falso como actitud.🤔
Hay muchas personas que lo hacen, porque parece que están purgando o hablando con el reflejo de sí mismos en el otro.
En esos perfiles raramente vez links, con acciones concretas, como ayudar a animales, o colectar ropa para orfanatos, o simplemente salvar especies en y proteger la naturaleza.🤔

Yo pienso así, me quieres mostrar el amor – perfecto en libertad, escriban lo que quieran – pero expandan sus acciones también.
Lo digo con toda fuerza y seriedad, ya que llevo a capa y espada la construcción de un espacio – para la humanidad – y he visto tanto el inframundo, como el paraíso en ello.
He visto la empatía y la apatía – igual no abandono mi arquitectura – y todas mis creaciones y acciones reales – están en función de ello.💛
Para mi artista universal – el Arte es amor – es un facto.

Un artista que hace una pintura – está materializando su amor, el mundo en un gesto – creando algo bello, sublimando – y poniendo su tiempo de vida en ello.☝
Claro, se puede reflexionar la pintura, conceptualizar y no dejar ningún rastro material de ella – en ese caso – estaría la obra de arte como regalo para la humanidad?
Simplemente no.
Estaría el artista expandiendo algo, simplemente no.
Ahora cuando estás en la frecuencia del amor y amor eres expandes, y no te preguntas esas cuestiones sobre la inactividad.

En situaciones críticas, se puede revelar la esencia del ser humano – su empatía y su a su apatía ante el mundo. Y aquí regreso a un punto interesante – donde muchos seres exponen – lo siguiente – Si yo pude él puede – este parrafo se redirige a mí artículo sobre Kurt Cobain y afirmo esto ante todos los artistas:

Amigos, no todos tenemos la misma cantidad de vidas, ni la misma resistencia – aquí no se trata de hacerse el fuerte ni enseñarle la moral a nadie – se trata de ser Solidario, y amble siempre que se pueda – sobre todo ante el arte – y sobe todo si sabes que la vida de un artista depende de ello.
Terminar de comprender que la vida de un artista es Oro, que cada uno de sus días son Oro – es esencial para la evolución del alma y del arte.

¿Regresando al debate de twitter – la persona en cuestión afirmaba – que el Amor es la respuesta, y yo preguntaba desde mi dada – Bueno, si es la respuesta, el amor porque costaría tanto dar?
Parece que en su nivel, su ojo👁‍🗨 estaba obturado y aún no llego a la Fuente – donde te das cuenta de que el otro es el reflejo de ti mismo, y dándole a tu hermano lo mejor de ti, solo aumentas a frecuencia del amor.
Así de simple.☝

¿Uno da lo que recibe y si no como se vive?


Ahora voy al inicio de mí artículo – Soli- daridad viene de la palabra en latin Soli – para mí.

Cuando eres Sol, das de forma natural, elevándote ante las etiquetas de unos y otros – por eso cuando uno levanta un girasol en la mano – ha de estar consiente que el amor está en él – y este en un abrazo se eleva ante todo – porque es SOLI – Daridad.

La riqueza de un hombre esta en su corazón – y el capacidad de expandir el amor en acciones concretas.


✨ adjunto el primer libro dada86 – que redacte a los orfanatos y con un clic tenéis la lista de todas las vida que podéis salvar con el clic de vuestro dedito.
Acciones simples cambian el mundo – lo mas importante es tener el tock tock del corazón – fuera del tick tuck egoísta – para hacerlas –
Dar es simple – Eres Amor !

Y si eres Amor – como yo crees en la magia, un arcoíris te abraza y sabes que tu quieres a todos – con la misma fuerza que eres querido – Te quiero !


In my world the word Solidarity comes from Sol.

We live in a changing world and are, revealing human values, as well as their absence.
In such matters, empathy takes solidarity by the hand and Love is amplified.

That is what my article is about – love.

The other day I was writing an interesting debate on twitter, about love and its amplification. The person behind the twitter was not a robot and seemed to me to be a being who posted beautiful details about the elevation of the soul, art and beauty.
I post everything I find beautiful on my twitter – which is all art and love.
And incidentally the script of my film is being created there.
I think it’s wonderful, sharing and amplifying love.🌹

The debate was about actions in Love, and this person advocated that actions are not everything – for my part I revealed – that actions are the manifestation of love and its amplification – taking the example of the birth of a human being – You are born with love and for love.

You see some flowers, and you give them to a loved one, amplifying your love in a gesture.🌺
It is beautiful, and having gestures is important.
Cause preaching love, on the internet sitting in front of a sofa alone in the virtual world – without having gestures in life, can be a bit false as an attitude 🤔
There are many people who do it, cause it seems that they are purging or talking to the reflection of themselves in the other.
In those profiles you rarely see links, with concrete actions, like helping animals, or collecting clothes for orphanages, or just saving species in and protecting nature.🤔
I think so, you want to show me love – perfect do it in your freedom, write whatever you want – but expand your actions as well.
I say this in all force and earnestness, as I take the building of an Art Library – for humanity – to heart, and I have seen both the underworld, and paradise in it.
Seen empathy and apathy – but I do not abandon my architecture – and all my creations and real actions – are a function of this.

For me like universal artist – Art is love – it is a fact.

An artist who makes a painting – is materialising his love, the world in a gesture – creating something beautiful, sublimating – and putting his life time into it.
Of course, one can reflect the painting, conceptualise it and leave no material trace of it – in that case – would the work of art be a gift to mankind?
Simply no.
Would the artist be expanding something, simply not.
Now when you are in the frequency of love and love you are expanding, and you don’t ask those questions about inactivity.

In critical situations, you can reveal the essence of being human – your empathy and your apathy to the world. And here I come back to an interesting point – where many beings expose – the following – If I could he can – this paragraph redirects to my article about Kurt Cobain and I affirm this to all artists:

Friends, we don’t all have the same amount of lives, nor the same stamina – here it’s not about being strong or teaching morals to anyone – it’s about being supportive, and kind whenever you can – especially in the face of art – and especially if you know that an artist’s life depends on it.
To understand that an artist’s life is Gold, that every single day is Gold – is essential for the evolution of the soul and of art.

Going back to the twitter debate – the person in question claimed – that Love is the answer, and I asked from my dada – Well, if it is the answer, love why would it cost so much to give?
It seems that at his level, his- her 👁‍🗨 eye was blocked and he still didn’t get to the Source – where you realise that the other is a reflection of yourself, and by giving your brother the best of yourself, you only increase the frequency of love.
It is as simple as that.

You give what you get, and if not, how do you live?


Now I go to the beginning of my article – Solidarity comes from the Latin word Soli – for me.

When you are the Sun, you give naturally, rising above the labels of others – that’s why when you hold a sunflower in your hand – you have to be aware that love is in it – and in an embrace it rises above all – because it is SOLI – Solidarity.

The wealth of a man is in his heart – and the capacity to expand love into concrete actions.


I am enclosing the first book dada86that I wrote for the orphanages and with one click you have a list of all the lives that you can save with the click of your little finger.

Simple actions change the world – the most important thing is to have the tock tock of the heart – out of the selfish tick tuck – to do them –
Giving is simple – You are Love !

And if you are Love – like me you believe in magic, a rainbow embraces you and you know that you love everybody – as strongly as you are loved – I love you !

A pdf in attachment Do you believe in Magic ?💫

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The City of the Hundred Gates ✨

Thebes as “The City of the Hundred Gates” (Θῆβαι ἑκατόμπυλοι, Thēbai hekatómpyloi) or “Hundred Closed Gates”, from the “Thebes of the Seven Gates” ✨🤗

In the Interpretatio graeca, Amun is represented as Zeus Amun. The name was therefore translated into Greek as Diospolis, “City of Zeus”⚡

To distinguish it from the numerous other cities with this name, it was known from Hellenistic times as the “Great Diospolis” (Διόσπολις Μεγάλη, Dióspolis Megálē; in Latin, Diospolis Magna). Greek names became more widely used after Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt, when the country came to be ruled by the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty.