Love mind set – all roads are Open

Everything is in deciding and doing

Love mind set 💋

Coming back to myself, I realize that I had a blockage between my art and love, this blockage arose at the time of pandemic, – where I fully immersed myself in my art, creating wonderful works.
I painted a lot, I even managed to exhibit my fish in the middle of the pandemic.
I wrote an adventure saga and a comic book series, I advanced in my film movement – in short, I was focused on me, and I didn’t give space to my private love life.
I also thought I was in love, and even believed in silly soul stories

Once I made a race table, and removed all the useless things that didn’t add anything to my life – I could see that it was simply a time when I was focused on myself and my artistic expression.
I even beat Leonardo Da Vinci intellectually, with the creation of my book and its narrative structure and definitely my River film structure. I am a genius, in art.
Finished my two films, ready to shoot – brilliant – 2023 only victories.
Now love
I was always in love with love, and I had wonderful partners, noble men.
I realized that the time of pandemic was a path I traveled to mySelf, and it was beautiful.
Then I saw clearly that I don’t have to choose between love, and art – because being in a couple I always developed my art, and it was wonderful.

Realizing that point is essential, remembering is essential.
Remembering my life as a couple, with exceptional artist like me, I thought – fuck – I am in an illusion and surrounded by inactive ghosts that I myself let exist.
I removed the veil of the lie, and stood alone at the top of the mountain contemplating – there of course is the choice of myself and love embraced me.

I affirm that love, like art is not about choosing, it is simply about disconnecting from the nonsense and focusing on what you have now, you go out for a coffee, and there is the love of your life, you open your email and you get a job offer, where you meet the love of your life, all roads are open the only person who has to make the space for that person – is yourSelf.

I didn’t have that space for each other, now I do – thanks to my ex Benoit, now my friend and brother who made me remember how we built a wonderful relationship from what we had – love and space for each other.

My advice to those who are in the love dimension – talk to your ex-partners, the ones you trust the most and remember how you were when you shared your heart with another, remembering is wonderful – you go back to the origins of love and give it the space it deserves.

Today I have this space and I am celebrating.

Everything is in deciding and doing