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SOY ☀ ~ I am a film director, and I LOVE reading and writing. Books, music, articles – knowledge, these are the pilates I share with everyone, thus the idea of creating this hall was born in my heart.
Here you will not only find articles from me, but also from other universal artists. The aim of my Creation is to expand the knowledge based on trust and love.

Beauty is open, for conscientious readers who read and pay 1 EUR per article.

SOY ☀ ~ is trust ~ if you steals from my beautiful propose ~ you steals from yourself.

Only glorious people surround me, and I love the world because the world is beauty, love and art.

Trust your neighbour as you trust yourself ~ love your neighbour as you love yourself ~ it’s simple!

SOY ☀ ~ does not charge any percentage from the publications of other artists ~ it is completely altruistic.

As the Creator of the SOY ~ I☀ choose all artistes who are brilliant beings expand their beauty and live in abundance.

To publish your article, in SOY ~ just send an email with the content ~ universal theme, apolitical, and full art. I also accept music scores.
All rights of the works are reserved to the artists. I am in my kingdom ~ love.

Inspiration for this space. Those who know me know my path, and the unlimited dimensions of my heart, so walking through the world with my heart open and exactly through the streets of Madrid, and photographer invited me to a co-working space, which was quite expensive. The place was beautiful, and I said to him, wow ~ why are you sharing this with me, without even knowing me, to which he replied ~
You’re an artist is the least I can do, I share what I have.
I find it wonderful, because that’s how I am. ~ always.

Hence the creation of this space was born – out of my desire to share and my passion for art and books. I am also very lucky to have sublime friends, with values in my image and my likeness, who share my same values.
I thought how cool, all of us reading and enjoying beauty in one space.

So this space is for you, as it is for me and all who enter through the invisible door of honour and respect ~ you are welcome 🌺

Friends, ~ Reading hall is like dont care land dot com.🥰
The top of a roof where you can enjoy beauty, listen to music and discover new artists, with sublime universes, inspiring ideas and passion for their art.

Today – I invite you to discover wonderful articles, full of art, love and beauty.🥰
Behind every SOY ☀ article you will find dedication, commitment and passion.

Love to you 💛

Sean Lear

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