STOP ⚡ – 🌺⛳🥰


Once you make it clear to yourSelf and to the universe – that you are Open – the right person embraces you.
It is a quantum fact.

It is important to Stop running after people, and to be clear and aware of what you feel and why you feel it, what you deserve and your own value.

What this looks like in practice.

This dictical paragraph talks about the conflict and the paternity established by society regarding love, where one always runs after the other, it can be a guy, or a lady – vice versa – it’s the history of humanity.

Stop and be Open – Let It Be – there is the answer


If you are a man, and you like a woman, you simply open your heart, and you conquer that woman. Women like men who take initiatives, and have actions from honor and respect. If you like one woman more than another, simply manifest your love directly to the person.

If you are a woman – you realize your value and leave your heart open to the man who values your time and your being. If somehow you have already made a first step and that man has not responded – just – Stop – the guy is in another vibration.
Come back to yourSelf and you will see that there are millions of wonderful men who are open to love and value your time.

I don’t know how it works for people who are gay, I am heterosexual, so I can only speak from my experience.

The clip – as it was – is a perfect example to show that you have to do the exact opposite. 👌

STOP ⚡ and Let It Be

As physics proves, no one hugs anyone running.
So it’s essential to stand up, and say here I am

In a world where everyone is running, to stop is a luxury, to see who is running behind and who is running ahead, to know exactly where you are going, and who is beside you.

It is simply – Stop – being Open to love – knowing that love is first born in you, you are love – and whoever is at the same energetic latitude is your double.


Love between Creators – is dumbest – because each one projects their version of reality, moving away from the simplicity of writing an email or being direct.
I do not advise anyone to apply their Mastery in love, because it is an illogical feeling, it is better to Let it Be.and return to the habits of one when he was a teenager, and everything is very easy, because really everything is easy – personally I am in my 17 and in Nirvana.🌺👌