Venezia ⚜

Venezia is my adopted kitten.
She came into my hands on 1st February 2021, and her surname is Golden.
My kitten has a passport, and she is a very sensitive and noble kitten.

Venezia is a siamese mix, and she is a wonderful mix, because she is both royalty and street beauty- very smart and clever kitty.

This page is dedicated to her, because I love cats and she is an important part of my journey.
It’s as simple as that 😻

History 🤗


The beautiful Siamese is the legendary temple cat of the King of Siam. The cats were not only valued by the king for their exquisite beauty, but also they were used as guard cats. Siamese would be perched on tall columns around the throne of the king. If anyone threatened the king, the cats would jump down from the pillars onto the individual. Between the size of the Siamese, their strength and their ability to jump down from a height, they would knock the person to the floor. 🤔 ~ Sounds a little creepy ~ if need be, they would scratch at the face of the person who thought he could harm the King of Siam.😱

No one knows if this legend is true, but the cat seen by the German naturalist and explorer Peter Simon Pallas may have been a Siamese. This cat was noted in Pallas’ reports on explorations of the Caspian Sea in the 1700s. Pallas described her as having “ears, paws and tail … quite black. It is of a middle size, has somewhat smaller legs than the common cat and the head is longer toward the nose.”

The first Siamese cats in Europe were a gift from the King of Siam to the English consulate general in Bangkok in the late 1800s. The first Siamese cats in western cat fancy were named Pho and Mia. They were a breeding pair brought into England in 1884 by Owen Gould. The kittens from Pho and Mia were exhibited by Mr. Gould’s sister at the London show held in the Crystal Palace in 1885. The first Siamese cat in the United States was also a gift from the King of Siam to a friend. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, Siamese cats were imported into North America from Britain, France, Japan, and Siam.

The Siamese remained somewhat rare until after World War II, when they quickly became number one in terms of registrations.

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